Staying Connected

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Often, clients will ask if there is a way to stay consciously connected to The Universe? Is there something they should be doing?

This is a complex question that modern Manifestation jargon offers superstitious, unclear answers to. The answer is simple, you are always connected to The Universe; however, we don’t live in a quiet society – for the most part. Whether we reside in a bustling city – which contains many distractions from ‘tuning in’ – or a small town, we have a lot of modern day distractions that make it feel as if we aren’t always connected–especially the constant of technology and social media. There is no quicker way to ‘tune out’ than popping onto Instagram. It knocks you right off your center.

However, there are three simple ways to actively tune in, when you’re feeling disconnected.

FREE FORM MEDITATION | this meditation is one where you don’t have any structure. You schedule out 15-20 minutes to quiet all thoughts, sit and simply receive any intuition that comes your way. I always encourage clients to gently ask The Universe any questions they might have before closing their eyes and entering meditation. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t initially hear any answers back. They do come. And they will start to come during meditation.  Anytime you enter the theta state, you are literally tapped into the conscious collective, you are centered, and tuned in. Instantly. You are also a lot more open to receiving answers during you daily life.  

INSPIRATION | anytime you are truly inspired, you are tapped into divine source energy. Therefore, communication with The Universe, intuition, and receiving pings flows effortlessly and simply. Signs and manifestations show up out of nowhere. It’s a great reason to chase after those ideas and inspirations you’ve had lately. To start that new project, regime, or go on that travel…etc.

PINGS | you can call them pings, downloads, intuition, whatever you’d like! They are the divine hits of ideas, knowing’s, inspiration, and answers you get out of nowhere. They simply flow right through you and show up strong. This is literally The Universe communicating with you, showing you where to go or what to do, or giving you answers. It is important to ALWAYS say yes to them. If you get a ping that says, ‘go to Whole Foods at 10p to get Epsom salt,’ go. If it’s a new idea, follow it. If it’s an answer, don’t second guess it. These are the most important communications to follow – especially when you are manifesting. The more you honor them, the more often they come and the stronger they get.

So, no, you don’t have to put your list somewhere where you can see it all the time. No, you don’t need to visualize often (though feel free if that helps you feel in control). But what you do need to do is stay consciously connected to The Universe. You need to expand your beliefs. You need to heal and shift blocks. And you need to pass lessons and tests. Those are the important highlights of Manifestation.

I will be the first to say that if you aren’t closing portals, passing tests, and doing the work to heal/shift limiting beliefs, low self-worth, and trauma, it doesn’t matter how much you connect, manifestations aren’t coming through. So, don’t bypass those.

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