How To Nurture Children Into Powerful Manifestors

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Believe in them and nurture their authenticity. They were born powerful manifestors. This is how we keep them that way. 

This is a post for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, friends, teachers, and the rest of society. The only true gifts you can give a child are: self-confidence, love, and nurturing and believing in their authentic selves.

Yes, you will hurt them at some point. Yes, you will project your unresolved inner child issues, shadow, and trauma onto them, and yes you won’t be perfect for them. Ever. All of that is forgivable. However, what I see in my practice more than anything, that affects our ability to manifest, is when aspects of my client's authentic-selves - as a child - were denied and not nurtured. This creates the shadow and denial of one’s self. And authenticity is the most magnetic form of existing.

Growing up, all the caretakers in my life had their own projection of what my future should be. And not much of that included the arts, preforming, spirituality, or freedom – which is my authentic nature. There was a lot of programming surrounding sports, beauty, academia, conservatism, and so forth. When I expressed singing, I was told that I didn’t have a good voice. I still remember my fourth-grade teacher pulling one of my parents aside and saying, “she really has a gift for writing.” I loved writing. That wasn’t nurtured, guided, or directed further. I’m a walking grammatical, spelling mess. But imagine if at that moment, we had had a conversation about entering me in writing workshops and contests rather than T-ball, volleyball and softball? Those sports are incredible activities. Simply not for me. I would have preferred ballet and the arts over them any day.

And look, even with a public-school education, teenage parents, and moving from school to school every couple of years, The Universe still had a trajectory for me  in writing. It’s how I’ve managed to support myself for the past four years.

Now this isn’t a knock at my caretakers, whom really did the best they could, and helped to shape incredible other aspects of me. This is a post for the current consciousness of caretakers. The more we can nurture authenticness in today’s children, the more we will have incredibly powerful, successful, and happy manifestors tomorrow.

About 10% of the clients I meet with were raised with total belief in their authentic desires and dreams. I’ll look at them and say, “Wow. You only need to shift these couple of things that you aren’t including in your manifestation practice, and watch your manifestations roll in. No homework for you.” And they do. The manifestations roll in.

If a child expresses interest in sports, the arts, travel, academia, science, anything, believe in it and look for ways to support it. Even if there are monetary constraints, go to the library and read books on the subjects together. Trade your services for their lessons. Rent the tools they need rather than buying. And MOST IMPORTANT, find mentors in that field - similar to them that are successful - so that they can “see to believe”, how successful they can be in those fields.

Let your child dress themselves and express themselves. Have boundaries, but I beg you not to have boundaries surrounding their expression of authenticity. This is political (rather a basic human right), which I rarely dive into on here; however, suppressing a child’s sexuality or sexal identity is truly a thing of the past. Rather than being afraid of it, educate yourself on how to have tools to nurture, support, and guide them into a powerful version of whatever they might identify as.

Children are not ours. They simply come through us, and we - as a community and caretakers -have the largest privilege of supporting and guiding them into becoming confident, whole beings that contribute to a more expanded and conscious society. Break the cycle! This is why I love working with women (and a few men) before they become parents. 

For those looking for guidance during the exciting, personal, and delicate process of manifestation, I look forward to connecting over a session.  

For those that have realized manifested subjects, drop a line with your story, or share it on Instagram #NATIVEmanifestationtribe. I have so many to share from clients that help keep the rest of us in an energy of collective magnetism and support.

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