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What inspires us about others is a mirror of our capacity and capability. Therefore, when we watch a movie and get entranced by an actor, or a character in a book, or obsess over a public figure, or on social media, or someone that we admire in our daily lives – we are actually recognizing aspects of ourselves (denied or unmet) that have yet to integrate, and they are inviting us to grow into them. We are witnessing our potential greater than where we currently are, and where we are capable of going.

Have you ever experienced a mentor may it be IRL, on social media, or in the public’s eye, and you are so transcended by them? By the way they dress, carry themselves, live their life, delegate business, admire their relationship, their respect for the world, the way they speak, maybe you even have a same sex or opposite sex crush (both platonic and or sexual)? It’s as if they are so much like you or like who you aspire to be?

Welp, this isn’t just a coincidence. It isn’t even fictitious. You are simply seeing your unmet self. Because every single one of us inhabits the full spectrum of humanness, those very aspects of these people that are bringing you so much inspiration are actually a reflection of aspects of you that have gotten lost due to societal, media, parental, or peer programming. Or they are aspects of yourself that you haven’t even met because you didn’t realize that you are deserving of this aspect. Or you haven’t had the chance to meet them yet, for nobody “expanded” you into realizing that you are capable of your unique version of these aspects and qualities. If you're finding yourself attracted to your hero's influence, it's because you're seeing the amount of influence you have within yourself. We project these unmet aspects of ourself onto our mentors.

This is VERY important to Manifestation work. This is how I discovered Expanders™  (“seeing is believing”). Harnessing the energy of each of those pings of inspiration is a map into how expanded you can become. And how you can expand into your unique version of what is inspiring you about these people. Low self-worth will undermine these inspirations as just that – only inspiring figures in your life. That is ego. And ego is who keeps aspects of self hidden.

Expanders™ are some of the most valuable energy you will ever have around you. They are literally who expand your belief system when it comes to Manifestation. And learning how to detect them and integrate them is a potent part of living an existence of our being in full expansion and possibility of receiving what we are calling in.

For those looking to detect, integrate, and expand, we will be uncovering these denied or unmet aspects of self during the Digital UNBLOCKED class. You can tune in from anywhere in the world, and I’m getting very excited to hold this ten day space for you!

If you're looking to learn more about Lacy's manifestation formula, head over to our How to Manifest workshop where you'll learn the exact Formula with steps to integrate.

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