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Like many of you have done in the UNBLOCKED workshop, I've uncovered a few more of my blinders (blocks), which always leads to me indulging in periods of time inward, so as to investigate and do the exact same work you are doing - along with my other tools - to shift them. Alongside that, I was introduced to a new healer who has been doing deep work with me on the endocrine level, which has been the source of my body needing a lot of rest to allow it to process. All really good stuff and weirdly light. Neither are heavy energy like they used to be. Which is wonderful considering the current astrological climate.

And as an Aquarius, I LOVE inward alone-time. Relish in it really. So I thought I'd start this new series to share with you the support, comforts and tools I use at times. Also, the ones I long for. Some will repeat ones you've seen on here before (which shows how much I really love them), and others will be new. Regardless, I'm right here with you (from afar) supporting you when you are in need of an inward day. 

i. when I'm having an inward day, the first thing I do when I wake up is check-in with my body and heart. How far do they want to be pushed today? How much do they want to engage with the world? 

ii. I'll see what sound therapy feels good. Sometimes that's Kundalini sound current, sometimes that's binaural beats, sometimes that's pure silence. 

iii. If it feels healing, like recently, I'll see how much physical activity my body can handle that day because that always moves my energy around. Usually it ends up being a barefoot hike with my dog in either Griffith Park or Elysian. 

iv. A book that I absolutely love during inward times is this one

v. Once I'm back home, I'll see what type of hygiene self-care feels good. It usually ends up being a hot epsom salt bath where I can sweat out any toxins that feel like they are lingering. I usually like to sprinkle a few drops of targeted essential oils. As of now, I'm exploring this line. Beforehand, I'll dry body brush, and stick on a face masque to wear inside. I soak for 20 minutes relaxing my entire body. 

vii. Then I decide on cozy clothes. Lately, it's been this nightshirt (which also doubles as a groovy day dress). 

viii. I spend quite a bit of time meditating on inward days. I practice Vedic meditation, which I learned from here. And I use this eye-pillow while I perform Deep Imaging or subconscious work. 

ix. And then, the true

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