As we all know by now, Manifestation is as simple as energetics. And Manifestation energy in motion is the balanced energy in-between polarity. Meaning it’s where dark and light, masculine and feminine, weak and strong… meet in the middle. That is balance - right where the two energetically blend. Especially the case for heart, unbound, esteem and confidence, for that’s when one is projecting from a continual state of magnetism (naturally attracting their intentions to them).

To feel into what I am assessing when working with clients, it’s as simple as: where we are small – on a subconscious belief level – we are preyed on. And though that sounds frightening, it’s actually for our greater good.

The Universe’s only intention for us in this lifetime is to grow into our whole, most realized, powerful (complete) selves. Therefore, when I say that, “where we are small – on a subconscious belief level – we are preyed on,” this means that where we have limiting subconscious beliefs, there are gaps of imbalance, which truly all root down to either “not worthy” or “not lovable”. This is the space – belief which creates energy – where we continue to attract in people, situations, and dynamics that are painful, repetitious, and on-going because The Universe is literally sending us the same experience (lesson) over and over again in hopes that we finally learn it and heal the root belief that is attracting these identical lessons.

Therefore, where we are small, we will continue to attract in (lessons) people, experiences, and situations that don’t feel good. Ones that trigger our deepest pains, insecurities, rejection. Bosses, dating dynamics, money issues, health issues, bullying, job scenarios, friendships, shitstorms… this list could go on and on.

Today’s Eclipse energy deals in the realm of individual personal unconscious becoming conscious. Your unconscious is comprised of everything we’ve rejected, repressed and shoved down. If paying attention this past weekend, we should have been getting small glimpses of our future potential. Glimmering moments of awareness, ah ha, awakening, liberating. The more unconscious (inflamed ego) we are, the more uncomfortable today feels and, this past weekend felt. This lunar opportunity is about our fullest potential, in this body, in this time, in our future. You are worth it and you are ready to be more than you’ve been told that you can be.

Don’t buy into superstitions like, ‘if I put that negative thought out there, I’m going to attract it back it.’ The Universe is behind you. It’s always supporting you to become the best version of yourself. The whole authentic version of yourself. On a deep subconscious belief level.

We will be addressing the tools to reclaim and reprogram any smallness we are projecting in the workshop MAGNETISM. And we will be reparenting our inner child and adolescent selves in the most important UNBLOCKED yet. Where we will detect, heal, and grown the origin of our small roots.

If you're in need of guidance during the exciting, personal, and delicate process of manifestation, I look forward to connecting over a session

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips