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Money has been coming up a lot in my practice lately. From clients, to podcast interview questions, to workshop questions, so I thought I’d create UNBLOCKED Money to tackle only that - money! For addressing money, in way of manifestation, is rather easy – though there is work involved. And it has nothing to do with the superstitions that you’ve learned in every pop new age manifestation book. Trust me, I’ve tried them all!


Money is all energetics. Yep! It’s simply energy. Therefore, it flows based on the structure of beliefs you grew up with, to how much you have showed your subconscious that you can expand into, to how worthy you believe you are on a subconscious level.

Structure of Beliefs

Let’s take me for example. I came from VERY low self-worth programming surrounding money. Two young parents that struggled and talked about how broke we were while writing “hot checks”. I watched both parents work hard at jobs that weren’t their passions, and I especially watched my mom’s tough relationship with money. The one thing that brings her the most stress and the most securing (like many). Therefore, like everyone, my subconscious structure of beliefs surrounding money were imprinted between the ages of 0-14. That is what our subconscious continues to believe is possible for us, and attracts such. Similar work situations/dynamics, success levels, and cycles.


Now rooting deeper, because my mother had grown up in a poverty and struggling environment – along with a household that didn’t foster any self-worth, she had very little, especially regarding how much she deserved to be making. Therefore, I inherited the same messages. Once I got into my subconscious and pinpointed what was really down there on a belief level, it was pretty sad. The phrase that kept coming up most was, “I’m not worth it.”

Expanding & Reprogramming

And then around 29 I began playing with everything you guys are going to be learning in UNBLOCKED Money. I began showing my subconscious what is possible for me by expanding my structure of beliefs through expanders. I found my deeply unconscious root limiting beliefs of what was truly projecting and attracting in terrible money situations. And then I reprogramed them to project deserving abundance. And many of my clients have gone onto do the same.

You'll also being learning the other little tidbits that are blocking your energetic money flow such as relying on money from others, and much more. 

I decided that there truly isn’t a better time to hold this digital UNBLOCKING than in December, so as to start the year with a fresh opulent slate. Very excited to guide you through this one. And I can’t tell you how helpful UNBLOCKED Reparenting will be to lay a higher self-worth foundation before you start this one. It’s all very connected, for one belief bleeds into another!

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