Everything that comes into our life is a lesson (which can be a test), expander or both. Everything. You are always co-creating and everything showing up in your life is a divine representation of where your subconscious beliefs are currently, a gift of where they need to expand, or your manifestation. 

Many of my biggest career expanders have shown up for me in the realm of quasi-in-laws. As a girl that grew up with quite a bit of caretaking imprintation, none of which were models of my soul's career path in this lifetime. My caretakers' career modeling were the following: Dr. of food science (Iranian uncle), physician's assistant (aunt), paramedic (mom), insurance broker/cowboy roper (dad), housewife (grandmother), CEO of agriculture lending banks (grandfather), failed artist/ narcissist/ user (uncle). 

Though I respect all of these careers immensely, nothing represented the organic career direction of my soul, nor did they reflect success in the career direction of my soul. And I began calling in my alternative path at the very young age of 17, though I didn't know exactly what it was yet; however, I did know that it was alternative, creative, multimedia, successful and entrepreneurial. So the universe sent many expanders along the way to expand my subconscious beliefs, and bizarrely a lot of them happened to be my partner's parents, maybe because I was lacking the identity reflection in my own caretakers? 

The first showed up with my first out-of-high-school boyfriend's mother. She had grown up in my small town and was a waitress her entire life. When she found the courage to separate from her husband, completely on her own, she started a catering company from the ground up and grew it into the most successful, upscale restaurant in our town. On top of that, she has the best eye, she's spiritual, and truly a ball of inspiration. She really showed me how much is possible as a woman, who comes from nothing, and that one can succeed in their dream and creativity. She's also gone on to open a yoga studio in town. (Libra - I add this simply because patterns fascinate me)

Next came with a wonderful guy I dated briefly. His father grew up in the conventional Jewish household, went to work in the corporate world until he could save up enough money to move to LA and follow his different entrepreneurial ideas. The first time he came, he fell flat on his face with some concepts that went on to be huge (think one-hour photo developing before it became a thing). He had to move back to Chicago and work the corporate ladder until he could save up enough to come out again. Then he started what would be the concept of IKEA's model: furniture for less, that you could assemble at home. This was in the 70's. However, every party he would go to, everyone always asked, "what's your sign?" So he taught himself the ins and outs of astrology and started the first subscriber based astrological catalog. The company expanded into so much more and he turned it into a multi-million dollar company. I also got to witness that it had low overhead and minimal waste footprint. He's equally the person that expanded me into cutting out all sugars except for fructose sugar as he gave it up in his 70's! (Aquarius)

Third, came my ex's mother who is by far the most incredible woman I've ever know in my life. Firstly, she expanded me by showing me the true meaning of an "open heart". Her answer to ever significant setback is, "we just need to give it more love." She was the first woman that told me how special, worthy and magical I am until I actually believed it. As a Parisian that came to the Ojai area and was apart of the initial organic movement, I learned everything I know about design, clothing, cooking, French culture, love, and much in spirituality. She truly transformed my life and soul forever. And she was the pure manifestation of the mother that I wish I had had. She still is the biggest believer and supporter in all that I do. A bond I've never shared with anyone else. (Libra)

And that brings me to my current partner's father. He, like I, and many of the expanders listed above, didn't go to college. He went on to create massive financial success through an idea he had in the telecommunication world. And he's gone onto creating cool companies since. I love chatting with him because he feels so relatable and he's very open about the ups and downs along the way. Each conversation is an expanding one. (Aquarius)

And my current business expander is Hugh Hefner. Obviously not for his content but for being the guy that asked for a $5 raise when he worked at Esquire. They denied him, so he went on to create his own world and break every single mold in the journalistic world while parlaying that into a club, TV, and many other outlets. All based on his lifestyle. (Libra)


I'd like all of you to take a moment now and survey unexpected career expanders that have helped light the way for you.

How did they show up?

What beliefs did they expand? 


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Five podcast interviews directly with those on my list, and they contacted me without me inquiring. 

A wide gold band (ring) that has been on my list for three years.

I've been calling in living in NYC during the fall or winter since I was 26 (with no idea how that could happen or that I'd ever been able to afford it). I'll be living there for a month while working jan/feb. 

A dress that I saw in Paris during the summer and died over. 

When I created my list to call in an assistant editor, it read: Capricorn, great eye, versed in wellness, photographer, film, great writer. And she came with much more! Make sure to read all of her content because she's the brightest light and very inspiring! 

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