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Celebrating our community with 45 turns around the sun and more. It’s time to take your power back in our society that is youth-obsessed - only because that is what the collective plays into (created by advertisers). You are actually some of the most empowered and wise manifesters of our world because you give less of a shit than those in their youth. You've been through it, you've learned, you faced it, and you're wiser, let's take your magnetism (power/self-worth) to the next level. 



On average most people 45 and beyond can give themselves less permission to dream as much as they used to. This is largely due to societal programming. That, one is supposed to hit certain marks in their life and live a certain way at certain points. This couldn't be more absurd. Those 45 and above tend to have many blocks already out of their way. In some cases, financial stability, children out of the house, sometimes single... all of this is energetically known as a pretty clutter-free aura. Not unblocked but less energy determining your projection. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, this is the perfect time to start dreaming and begin giving yourself the permission that you are actually at a very important time of manifestation in your life. 

Begin asking yourself the simple question of, "what do I want next?" Is it a new partner, companion, dating experience, or someone to enjoy company with? Is it a new career, pivoting career, or pursuit that you've always loved or dreamed of? Is it travel? After working with thousands of people, many with more turns around the sun, I'm here to give you permission, and to verify, that NOTHING is impossible and everything is possible. 

Accessories & Authenticity

The masculine and feminine 45 and beyond...60 and beyond are constantly pressured to conform to the advertisement and marketing of youth, leaving you utterly confused about how to lead with your physical expression. Have you ever noticed that some of the most successful and powerful manifesters, who continue to manifest over 50, lead with their bold accessories and pump up their natural authentic projection? Wish that more people in their teens, 20's, and 30 already knew this important lesson. Confused on how to present yourself to pop in an unrealistic image-obsessed culture? It's much easier to stand out as an empowered, authentic, wise, and chic projection than it is as a youthful one. 

Stop focusing on the shape of your body (feed it well, eat intuitively, listen to it, and move it kindly), or the texture and tone of your skin, and start finding your authentic projection. What do celebrity icons like Iris Apfel, Oprah, Diane Keaton, Morgan Freeman, Lauren Hutton, George Clooney, Ellen DeGeneres, Sophia Lauren, Barak Obama, Jennifer Lopez, and Diana Ross all have in common? They lead with their signature accessories (glasses to hats to jewelry to lip color), natural features (gap in the tooth to natural hair), chic authentic style, and an authentic charisma. If you are deeply tapped into your sexuality, you can lead from that as well, as long as it is completely and utterly authentic. 

Find Your Expanders

It is so important to find the expanders around you who represent you and what you are manifesting. That they too began receiving those manifestations at the same time in their lives. Begin clearing space of those around you who reflect agism or limitations that don't represent what you are calling in to create space for filling them with expanders who do. 



It's time to UNBLOCK ALLLLLLLL societal programming around agism, what you "should be" or life "should" look like at your age and start discovering who you actually authentically are and what you authentically want at this exact moment and time. Also, UNBLOCK all of the programmings you received in your youth of every prejudice and projection, especially in childhood. It's time to reconnect with your totally authentic self and project from that state of worth. 


Your belief system of shadows about what "age" represents in media culture to being wise and empowered. Because that's what you are under the onion that society and life have built up around you. Manifestation energetics are the same for every human - every gender identity, sexual preference, shape, ability, race, and cultural identity - it's simply up to us to reclaim our authentic worth projection and begin manifesting everything we authentically desire. 

For the teens, 20's, and 30's reading this article, please send it to every single wise person you know from our mothers to our fathers to our friends and family. They are literally the golden magnetic people on the planet. Every indigenous culture knew this across the world. It's time to reclaim this. 


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