WISE • Redefining Income


We kicked off this series, WISE, with a focus on supporting those making their way into their second Saturn return, or those on the other end of it as they navigate starting a new chapter in their lives after retirement. What comes next?

We get a lot of inquiries about manifesting dream jobs with dream incomes, or transitioning careers, or should one work for free while they are expanding? Yet most of these inquiries come from the youth who are programmed to fly into the workforce with the ability to sweep up whatever job they seek (ideally at least). The WISE, however, have been programmed by society that once you retire, or reach near retirement age, the chance of starting anew or finding a new source of income is nearly impossible. Not only is this idea embedded into our subconscious - it also exists in the minds of those controlling the workforce.

With the latter being a much greater societal challenge, it’s time to shift our focus from fighting uphill to reenter the youthful workforce and instead start opening portals for income within your control: entrepreneurial, passive, etc. In today’s technical age anyone can do anything, we simply must just see to believe on a subconscious level.

I’ll share a quick story about my dad’s girlfriend. She lives on a teacher’s salary, in her 50s, with very little savings. She’s currently looking to buy a house, yet with very little savings for retirement I suggested she look for ways to turn this purchase into a potential income stream ie. seeking out a house with a unit, garage, or spare room that could be rented. She lives in a popular vacation spot, so having a rental unit could provide a steady source of income - passive income at that!

Dara Dubinet, a WISE expander for us all, is in her 50s has created a very steady income revenue stream on the apartment complex she purchased years ago in Venice, CA. She lives in the top unit and is a super Airbnb host in the bottom two. She also became certified in Astrocartography this year and will be releasing her online courses in the next month of how to incorporate Astrocartography, intuitive Feng Shui, and energetics to create the environment that makes you the most successful.

My mom thought about starting a business to drive the elderly around since taxis are few and far between and Uber doesn’t exist in many small towns.

A book I’d like to recommend to The Wise everywhere that is looking to redefine their Opulence would be The $100 Start Up! Literally anyone can create one of these extra revenue streams!! At any age.

ANNND these new portals of income can be entirely manifestable.

1. FIND YOUR SKILLS or passions that you can turn into money. Look at the inherent gifts that you were born with - what you are naturally REALLY good at - or look out for local needs in your community, or online. Start to call in elements or tools you need to make your business idea a reality with How to Manifest. Maybe this is a car to get somewhere or a rental property.


Join in our DRE Challenge and start reprogramming triggers and judgements you’ve picked up from society about restarting in your older years. What do you believe about this and why?

2. FIND YOUR EXPANDERS. We must see to believe, so make it a priority to surround yourself with at least eight people (whether you know them or not) who exemplify that life you’re looking to live. Seek out people who have started successful business after “retirement” or share a similar vivacious life to one you’re manifesting. If you are only surrounding yourself with people who feel stuck, confined or preach the idea that there’s nothing left for us once we reach retirement age - create boundaries and distance. The reinforcement of these ideas will keep you small.

3. EXCEL WITH OPULENCE. We created a workshop entirely devoted to manifesting money. If you’re looking to expand your business idea or open great portals for monetary success, we suggest using UNBLOCKED Money.

Anyone in any stage of their lives can manifest whatever it is we desire. We get more magnetic with age, so continue to reach higher and explore your skills and passions limitlessly.

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The 30-Day DRE Challenge

following the How to Manifest workshop

Week 1 • LIST | Make your list and notice where you want things but don't feel deserving of them (i.e. an intellectual partner but you don't feel smart enough) take these items through the DRE.

Week 2 • EXPANDERS | Look for expanders, DRE anything about them that triggers you (i.e. you feel jealous, envious, or unworthy)

Week 3 • TESTS | Focus on noticing tests and taking the triggers that come with them through the DRE (i.e. a potential partner but they are not everything on your list, you go to settle because you feel unworthy of what you want, but instead of settling, you take this trigger through the DRE)

Week 4 • PINGS | Focus on listening to your PINGS and following them, notice where ego is holding you back and take it through the DRE (i.e. I have a PING to go to the coffee shop, but I don't want to go alone. Why?)