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We’re stoked to see how many people have resonated with the new pieces we’ve been introducing on the blog as we aim to show how manifestation can be a way of life for people of all backgrounds, in all moments of their lives. We shared our first PARENT piece introducing the column, and here we dive deeper into how we can foster our magnetism and our children’s magnetism (at the same time) as we allow them to explore their own interests at their own speed.

We can all let go of the worry that if we stop forcing our children into interests or activities they don’t feel drawn to, they will become failures. Or perhaps we as parents will become failures by allowing our children to be “idle.” It is, instead, the opposite.


Content overload is all around us: information, advice from everyone about everything, pressure to keep up with everyone around us. We’re all susceptible to the stress it can cause. We can start to feel like if we aren’t participating in xyz, we’re losing touch, falling behind, failing. As hard as it can be to overcome the effects of this constant overexposure, the more we do to keep ourselves aligned with our authenticity - staying true to our passions and interests regardless of what’s in vogue - the more magnetic we can be, and the better we can elevate the generations below us. Let us shift the paradigm for our children as we begin to tune out the noise and nurture their truest authenticity.

To help our children navigate their own authenticity as it grows, we can start by supporting their individual interest and activities our children are drawn to, at their own pace. Their authentic unfolding. This is what creates magnetism: following the call of our soul. And, when we are young - that call from our souls is even louder and stronger. When we grow up ignoring our passions, following programming society has instilled within us that perhaps our passions aren’t viable or our interest are without monetary return, that natural magnetism dims.

Of course we all want the best for our children and it can be difficult to separate our hopes and dreams from our children’s. Yet, respecting each child as an individual with their own hopes and dreams will only lift them higher, strengthen their own confidence and guide them toward ultimate magnetism. They will become super manifesters if we allow them to just be, and support them along the way.

As we introduce new skills and activities to our children, we may find that they move on from one to the next. If they grow out of a hobby, it is because they picked up what they needed from that skill and they are ready to learn a new one. And there is a greater plan unfolding where they will have learned just enough of each skill to authentically produce their projected career in life. (Me, I quit a lot but all contributed to this work I do today).

They will not end up unemployed one day. On the contrary, they’ll most likely find their path or their joy much sooner than we may have.

Navigating Magnetism:

We are their first role models • Are you forcing yourself to stay committed to things that don't light you up? Until we change this, it's hard to model the same for our child. We are literally teaching them if it's a hell no, keep doing it. Thus dimming our magnetism. Use the FREE Roadmap to unlock where you’re not allowing yourself to be free.

EXPANDERS • We must also learn how to be expanders for our children, or find them expanders that embody the interests they express. The EXPANDED Roadmap can help you unlock where you still need expansion, or how you can act as an expander for your children.

Call in your interests • Start calling in what does inspire you and go through the How to Manifest to manifest it so that you can teach your children how to navigate life in the same way.

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