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A Day of Love Ritual

Tomorrow can be a triggering day for many. Or it can be exciting, commercial, mixed, nothing at all. Wherever you may be in your personal and romantic life tomorrow, the most important thing to remember is that it's a day to nurture yourself and your relationship with nature. I will be spending the day with Max doing self-care together and immersing ourselves in nature. However, if Max were not around, I would be doing those exact same things on my own, nurturing myself in entirety.

Here's a little ritual for the day may you be in partnership, widowed, single, a parent, or in transition. 


Mother nature is your true partner in this life. Theoretically, we come into the world alone and we leave it alone. But we are never alone. She is always with us, for free, right outside our door.  We are made of her literally from minerals, water, bacteria to the very air we breathe, the sustenance we consume, and the nutrients that heal us. Walk on her barefoot taking note of any totems she communicates to you. This could be animal medicine (spotting an animal and looking up its symbolic meaning) to the very weather you are experiencing (and its spiritual symbolic meaning).



Get quiet on your walk, place your hand over your heart and feel everything coming up for you at this moment. Allow your thoughts to sink to your heart and imagine all of the feelings energetically passing through your heart and out into nature again. If you are finding an undercurrent of a trigger, remember it and take it through the DRE


Are you calling in a new partner? Do your work out of UNBLOCKED Partnership for the day, then on your nature walk, take a stick and write your list in the dirt. Maybe you are just calling in a deeper, worthier relationship with yourself? Practice the same ritual. 


It's a habit for me that I adorn myself. I spent two years single and I learned how to celebrate myself on this holiday. A partner will always just be a bonus. But my strong relationship with myself comes first. On my altar, I adorn myself. On this day, I decorate my table or altar with flowers that speak to me, crystals calling me, an offering (treat) and beautiful gift for myself. This year, especially because Friday is my 34th trip around the sun, I'll be adorning myself with this and this (if Max didn't beat me to the punch).  


Other alternative heart opening rituals to enjoy today are yin yoga, rose otto essential oils, rose quartz, a rose and epsom bath. Keep the day about your heart, connection with nature, and the very essence of love itself.


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