5 Easy Ways to Live Your Authentic Code Daily

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Raise your hand if you find yourself saying yes to things that bore you, buying things you feel should belong to someone else, or committing to things you seriously do not want to do. We’ve unfortunately all found ourselves there - living inauthentically, prioritizing things we believe we should do/be/buy rather than what our soul craves for us to do. If you feel this way, it’s simply because you aren’t living by your Authentic Code.

Your Authentic Code consists of the 4 things you value the most, that feel like the closest representation of your truest authentic self. In UPLEVEL, we provide you a specific questionnaire that helps you to narrow down your values to your true four. Yet, you can also ask yourself the questions below and find a trend that speaks to you:

1. What do I look forward to doing the most?

2. What do I spend most of my money on?

3. What am I the most organized and proactive about?

Seek out a trend and boil it down to a personal code. 

Living by your code each and every day will best align you with your truest authentic self, torpedoing you into your worth and magnetism! Your list will be magnetizing to you faster than you can say astrocartography.

Here are the 5 easiest ways to live your authentic code daily.


i. Pay attention to how you are spending your money. Are you spending cash on things you’re soon after casting away? What are you collecting that doesn’t bring you joy?

ii. Learn the power of no. This can be the most powerful word in our vocabulary. Create boundaries, say no to things you know don’t align with what you value.

iii. Seek out activities that bring you joy. I encourage you to do one thing that brings you joy each day. May this be sipping on a super frothy cappuccino because you value luxury or taking a long bath and meditating because you value self care and spirituality.

iv. Delegate or detox one thing from your day that doesn’t align. Maybe that’s your protein bar breakfast you eat on the go because you think its cheap and quick, but really it tastes like crap and you wish you had a green smoothie blended with love, care and chlorella instead.

v. Take note of how living your authentic code makes you feel. Pay attention to the joy that comes up when you participate in an activity that aligns with your authentic values. Compare that to other activities you fill your day with. Listening to your inner voice can help you to decipher where you may be uncertain.


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