Worried Your “Bad” Thoughts Will Manifest into Bad Experiences? Think Again


Do you ever catch yourself thinking negatively and suddenly a panic rushes over you? Oh no! You gasp. Reprimanding yourself for no longer being in the frequency of positive pink unicorn ruble of high vibration, and now all of the bad is going to rain down upon you…quick, positive thought, positive thought….

Breathe. You’re okay. We think such polarizing thoughts all day long. If we were actually powerful enough to manifest thoughts into reality...well, we’d be on the craziest rollercoaster of all time. Up and down, up and down. 

I hate to break it to you, but we are not that powerful, and those “bad thoughts” are not going to have you struck with a lightening bolt from the hand of The Universe of perpetuated bad luck.

All varying temperatures of thought are important to the manifestation process. We manifest from our subconscious beliefs, not conscious thought. However, our conscious daily thoughts are a preview of where we may still need to unblock our limiting beliefs of low self-worth, integrate our shadow, and expand.



i. Do you find yourself getting angry or judgmental (inciting “negative” thoughts) whenever a peer does a particular thing or says a particular something? It is not “bad” of you to think negatively towards that person, however it is an opportunity for you to look inwards. What about the event is triggering these emotions within you? UNBLOCKED Shadow can help you to integrate so you no longer project your shadow onto your peers, reducing this trigger in the future.

ii. Do you find yourself thinking, “I’ll never have enough money; I’ll always struggle financially,” even though you desperately want to live abundantly? These thoughts are purely a reflection of the expansion you still need. Your subconscious doesn’t have enough “proof” that abundance is possible for you. Find expanders you can relate to, those who share similar backgrounds with you, that have manifested abundance despite their circumstances. In this case, you still need to “see to believe” that this manifestation is possible for you. BAM! Thank you, negative thought.

You see - negative and positive thoughts are welcomed with open arms.

We cannot successfully manifest through a censored mind. This manifestation process asks you to dig deep into yourself, to see the wounds, the negative and the positive so that you can begin the healing, unblocking, reprogramming…and manifesting!

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