The Weekly • Pink Moon


Spring has us in foraging mode up @theforestretreat. And with today's Pink Moon asking us to look at the blossoms - reminding us that warm pink skies are ahead and our manifestations are soon to follow - we're honoring it with the ritual of UNBLOCKED Full Moon. To prime the evening, I'll be picking up Mama Earth's gifts on my nature walk to bring her into our home, hearth, and altar. I invite you to do the same. 

i. Also, we've just released UNBLOCKED Full Moon Ala Cart, so if you haven't joined The Pathway, you can still use this beautiful lunar day (every 28 days) to illuminate the blocks, tests, and expanding needed to materialize your intentions. With access for a year.

ii. Second, if you are remotely struggling or in the thick of manifesting a partner, you won't want to miss today's Podcast ep

iii. You can't begin any convo about foraging unless you first talk about the flower shears! However, if you're majorly into blossoms and branches as I am at the moment, you'll want to pick up these

iv. I leave both of the above in my car at all times for I often spot something, park, forage it and then place them in my Agnes bag

v. I've been wearing these on my nature walk because they are so easy to slide off during the smooth parts where I'll walk barefoot for earthing. 

vi. Once I arrive home, I place my bounty in my favorite French hand-blown glass vases, which fill the house! 

vii. And anyone who knows me knows that I never leave the house to nature walk or forage without my hat

viii. As a special little treat for tonights UNBLOCKED Full Moon ritual, I'll be placing foraged pine needles (off the property) into my tea infusion

Wishing you all the most beautiful Pink Moon! 

Japanese Shears, $15


Teapot, $37



Hat, $207

Janessa Leone

Heavy Duty Shears, $10



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