Are You Desperate? This Might Be Why

This month, we are exploring the theme of desperation. Desperation is always a sign that you do not trust that your manifestation will come through. It is a sign that your self worth is wavering. How you engage with desperation can alter the course of your manifestation journey.

If you haven’t already, tune into our most recent EXPANDED Podcast episode with Kacie Carter as she shares how she channeled her desperation for answers to her own health issues into a thriving business.

Desperation can appear at any point in the manifestation process. As we begin to do the work, we will be faced with our shadow, tests, and the magic dark. If we are not completely in our worth, trust and patience can easily warp into doubt and desperation.

Below are the ways in which low self worth is causing you to feel desperate

And what you can do about it.

i. FEAR OF CREATING A LIST When consciously calling in something big or small, we must first build our list. This can be a mental list or written down (I prefer to write out my list to revisit them). This helps with clarity surrounding what we’re manifesting. Yet when we find ourselves desperate in our circumstances, building a list may trigger fear and a feeling of constriction. “What if I’m not meant to have what I want and if I write it down it will block what I am supposed to have!?” Or “What if writing down a partner and a job is too much and one will block the other?!” These desperate cries of what-ifs are simply a programming that we’ve experienced in our childhood that we either aren’t entirely deserving of what we desire, that we can’t have it all at once, or an expression of a “lack mentality.” To tackle these limiting fears, write down the list of what you want to call in without any over-thinking, self-imposed barriers or what ifs. Then, write a list of every thought that comes up with each item. What fears, what limiting beliefs? Take each item on this list through the Daily Reprogramming Exercise. Take your time with it so that you can fully understand the root of each “what if” and work through them until they are no longer restricting your manifestations.

ii. FAILING TESTS • Tests are an opportunity to confirm your self-worth to the Universe. When calling something in, you will first be presented with “tests.” Your test may look very similar to your manifestation, yet missing a crucial requirement. If you have low self worth (or are overcome with desperation surrounding this manifestation) you may find yourself trying to force it because you feel like this is the best you can do. Rather than allowing the test to come and go, you cling to the outcome because you consider this to be ‘your only chance’. When faced with tests, choose to stand in your worth. Keep yourself accountable by asking yourself: “Does this person/job/item bring me total joy? Am I proud of this manifestation in its entirety?” If your gut tells you no, listen to it. It can be terrifying to uplevel your personal standards but the reward is far greater than the risk.

iii. RUNNING FROM THE MAGIC DARK The Magic Dark is the quiet space between passing tests and your manifestations coming through. This is the opportunity to prove that you won't settle for anything less than you're worth, even when things are at a standstill. As time begins to pass, you may feel antsy, lose patience and trust, and try to force the manifestation into place. You may begin to question whether or not you made the right decision to pass on opportunities that were not right for you. When you find yourself desperate to get out of the Magic Dark, rededicate yourself to the work. This is the time to reaffirm your new neural pathways with the Daily Reprogramming Exercises. Take your anxiety, fear, impatience and feelings of desperation through the Daily Reprogramming Exercise, daily until you feel yourself relax into the quiet space. With patience and consistency, your manifestation will come through.

Desperation is a result of a lack of trust and a relinquishing of your self-worth. Whether it's baggage from your childhood, past relationships, or painful insecurities, you have the power to release the fear that keeps you small. Together, we will transcend desperation with this month’s free roadmap, shared through today’s newsletter. Explore the root of your fear, discover the ‘why’ of your unworthiness, and unblock your limitations. You deserve the life of your dreams; don’t let desperation stand in your way.    


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