The Weekly • Friday Round Up


For this week’s Weekly Roundup, I’ve pulled all of my favorite items from the Forest Retreat House! For the first time, I’m happy to open the Forest Retreat house to our community. The waitlist is now open, with more available dates to be announced within the coming weeks.

The Forest Retreat is designed for restoration. I’ve been able to deeply heal myself in this home, which is even reflected in my bloodwork. Every detail has been considered to accommodate your healing! I’m so excited to welcome you to my home.

I. Each room comes with one of my favorite healing tools, a travel sized biomat.

ii. At the retreat house, you’ll have full access to the Pathway. We’ve included Bodha Eye Masks to assist with your meditations and DREs.

iii. Part of my Authentic Code is Luxury, which is why I’ve included Parachute & Matteo Bedding, Parachute Robes, and Parachute towels in the house.

iv. The Forest House kitchen is fully stocked with a donabe, Omega Juicer, Vitamix, Chemex, and more! It’s the perfect setup for leisurely cooking a communal meal or simply relaxing with a cup of tea

v. After a walk in the creek and hike through the forest, I love to unwind in the 2 person infrared sauna. Our outdoor spa comes complete with outdoor showers and clawfoot tubs to bathe in the moonlight. Don’t forget the bath salts

vi. To reconnect with your natural rhythm, the entire house is lit with incandescent light bulbs or beeswax candles. Getting away from blue light has been so impactful for my health!

vii. Each room offers a walking stick for long hikes through the Yosemite forest. Simply step outside your door to begin! 

We hope to see you soon! You can book your own self guided retreat at the Forest House here.  


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