Our workshops are a combination of neuroscience, patterning, and psychology, with a little spirituality, sprinkled on top. It's a process that expands limited subconscious beliefs to unlock your true potential. If you’re ready to get out of your own way and pioneer the life of your dreams, welcome to To Be Magnetic.

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Whether you’re new and learning the basics of manifestation or honing an established practice, our blog is designed to optimize your manifestation process. Each week, we give tips to help you discover your worth, identify common blocks, and take your manifestations to the next level.


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Be guided through monthly roadmaps and enjoy other exclusive content designed to deepen your manifestation experience. Together, we explore different themes within your practice and offer encouragement to gather with like minded manifestors where you live. Get exclusive content, guides, early access and more!


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Expand your understanding of what is possible by hearing the stories, obstacles, and achievements of today’s most influential thought leaders. From herbalists and shamans to actresses and influencers, we spotlight innovators to help you believe that your dreams are possible.

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Workshops for every season of your journey. Customize your learning experience at a pace that works best for you.

The Pathway: Get access to all of our workshops for less than a dollar a day (over $900 value). Perfect for anyone looking to uproot deeply ingrained patterns and create massive, transformational shifts. Learn More →

A La Carte: Have one focus area in mind? Learn to unblock limiting beliefs, manifest love, money and more. Ideal for anyone looking to focus their attention and address specific blocks and manifestations. Learn More →


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As a trusted manifestation advisor, Lacy Phillips guides you through all things manifestation. From podcast videos to Q&A, Lacy discusses Shadow, Magnetism, Tests, and Authenticity. Whether you’d just like to dip your toe in or dive down the rabbit hole, our video library has everything you need to learn the energetics of manifestation.

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