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Manifest Money

Want to know the secret to money? Wealth affirmations are simply not enough. Our workshops will transform your outlook on money and *actually* help you manifest it.

Manifest Love

If you are manifesting love, having high self worth is the law of attraction in relationships. Step into your self worth and learn how to manifest love greater than you could ever imagine.

Everything Else

Positive affirmations not working? In search of a manifestation miracle? Our process includes unblocking and shadow work to raise your self worth so you can learn how to manifest your dreams.


Anyone can manifest

We believe anyone can free themselves of their subconscious reprogramming that’s holding them back from manifesting abundance. Your story doesn't have to be your reality. When you uplevel your self-worth and free yourself of limiting beliefs, you can manifest your destiny. Learn where to begin and how to stay consistent through the membership, with access to the full library of workshops, extra tools and more, or within individual a la cart thematic workshops.

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I’m New. Just heard about manifestation? Looking for a tool for self improvement? Want to learn more about the power of your subconscious mind? Start Here.

I’m Advanced. Are you an experienced manifester looking to further reprogram your subconscious and take your practice to the next level? Start Here.

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START on your manifestation journey today

Ditch the law of attraction affirmations. Learn how to manifest happiness, attract money, raise your self worth, unblock limiting beliefs, manifest your soul mate and more with Lacy’s grounded manifestation process.

The first step to manifesting is to unblock the limiting beliefs that are holding us back from achieving the manifestations we hope to call in. These limiting beliefs develop during our childhood from what we’ve observed between the ages of 0-14.

In order to manifest, our self-worth must align with the things we would desire. Think of your friend who keeps attracting the wrong relationships – there is likely a subconscious block or sense of unworthiness that is keeping them from manifesting the partnership they deserve.

The mind is powerful and we have the ability to adjust our subconscious perception. Studies show that it is possible to reprogram the brain to create new neural pathways. This is done through reinforcement of new ways of thinking, new self-perception and physical reinforcement in our actions, daily. We believe you can manifest when you commit to freeing yourself from negative programming, limiting beliefs and old habits that are holding you back from believing you are fully deserving.

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A membership offering with all the tools included for starting at $24.99/month.

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with all of the tools in one place, with extra supportive Q&As, roadmaps for guidance, daily living essentials, access to the UNBLOCKED Villages and our inspiring community within the Facebook Group.

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Manifestation is an everyday practice.

What is manifestation? Like any other conscious pursuit, spiritual manifestation is a daily practice. It needs to be studied, worked on, and applied every day until it develops into a way of being. This is done both through external and internal work, unblocking, expanding, and raising our self worth. Whatever we authentically desire to call in is possible once we can commit to ourselves and believe it is possible.

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The Expanded Podcast with Lacy Phillips

To manifest your dreams, you must seek “expanders” to show your subconscious mind that what you are calling in is possible. For instance, if you are trying to manifest wealth, you must surround yourself with successful people who have called in the wealth they have aspired to receive, who have opened portals, jumped off cliffs or have followed similar paths that you may find yourself on. These expanders can show you how to attract money and manifest your desires through their own tales, history and manifestation journies. On our podcast we interview expansive guests to help show you how to manifest anything. Recent guests include Nadine Artemis, Shaman Durek, Mark Groves, Jenna Zoë, Sahara Rose and more. Listen on iTunes, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Google Play and more! Subscribe below to be notified of new episodes each Friday.


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