Expanded x Ep. 36: Andy Mant

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We need to make sure everyone's got the correct light-filtering eyewear. And that's what we're here for is we're here to help.

Today's episode is with Andy Mant, Founder of BLUblox. Many of you know that I religiously follow everything Jack Kruse has to say because it's had a tremendous effect on my healing; meaning that I've moved to nature, gotten back into the rhythm, and I've really reduced, if not almost totally gotten rid of all of the blue light in my life, as well as any other light pollution and on native EMFs.

In our conversation, Andy shares so much information on blue light, the different colors of the lenses and what they do, as well as how to hack our surroundings to protect ourselves. He even educated me on which glasses are best for the different times of the day, which I wasn’t fully aware of yet. Andy and his company are so accommodating and passionate about people truly being protected– it’s just another reason I love his company.

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Words from Andy:

“The service isn't just to sell glasses to someone, it's to educate and to give back to those people.”

“Because blue light, specifically, raises the hormone cortisol, and our body thinks it's solar noon or before constantly 24 hours a day, our cortisol levels of a population are really high. And when a hormone gets chronically high, we get side effects.”

“The time you're going to spend changing light bulbs is going to outweigh the lifespan and the healthy life span you're going to achieve by having changed out the majority of your lights to red.”

“We need to make sure everyone's got the correct light-filtering eyewear. And that's what we're here for is we're here to help.”

“I wanted to create optimal, and I wanted the best in class, like yourselves, and Luke, and Jack to understand and know that all the signs and heart that we put into this is actually optimizing us as a human race.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Andy learning about EMFs + the science behind better blue blocking

  • The two different types of light we are focused on + what we’re doing to our natural rhythm

  • What types of glasses to wear to protect yourself + your hormones

  • Hacks to support your glasses throughout the day

  • Different light bulbs to switch to in order to provide extra protection

  • Where to begin with purchasing BLUblox


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