Expanded x Ep. 51: The Inspiring Couple Behind Christy Dawn


“When you are starting a business, you better believe in it at your core.”

Christy Dawn and her husband/business partner, Aras Baskauskas, join Lacy on this super expansive episode where they share what they've learned in partnership, spirituality, business and parenthood. Aras takes us on his journey of self-discovery, healing with plant medicine, and his time on Survivor. Christy shares her inspiration behind Christy Dawn, the lessons they've learned while growing Christy Dawn, her own spiritual journey, conscious parenting and so much more. Tune in for personal stories, business lessons and two super-inspiring expanders.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Christy and Aras met and the story of their relationship

  • How Christy & Aras got through their individual rock bottoms

  • Their experience with their spiritual teacher

  • How Aras started as a hat seller

  • His experience winning Survivor

  • How they started Christy Dawn together

  • How they maintained an emphasis on sustainability during growth

  • What they learned about sourcing materials

  • How they’re crafting a business culture

  • How they maintain and nurture their relationship

  • How they called in their children

  • Their journey to manifesting their home

  • The biggest tools they use to stay healthy and happy

  • Aras’ journey with Ayahuasca 

  • What they’ve learned through their experience growing a company as a couple

  • Conscious parenting


Where to find Christy Dawn:

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