Expanded x Ep. 50: Introducing the Forest Retreat House


“Enjoy the process. It will be done. it will be what you want, with a lot of compromises, but eventually it will be your safest haven.”

Lacy and Lila discuss how Lacy manifested the ever-anticipated Forest Retreat House in Yosemite. Lacy shares the details of the reconstruction, where she found inspiration for the design, the materials she handpicks and the special amenities the Forest Retreat House has to offer. Listen to this episode to get all the deets on the launch of this magical NorCal home and to hear all about the soon-to-come self-led retreats.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Lila’s most recent manifestation

  • Organizing finances

  • Eclipses and how they’re affecting us

  • How Lacy used her process to manifest her retreat house

  • How she gathered inspiration for the house

  • The materials she used and why

  • House amenities

  • The intention with the house

  • How to run your own retreat

  • When it launches

  • What makes it so special


Where to find The Forest Retreat:


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