Expanded x Ep. 49: Patricia Coulter


“What is it that’s holding us back from accepting people and respecting people and each other’s differences? What is that?”

Patricia Coulter blesses this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast with her beautiful story-telling. She brings us along her journey as a young girl with a love for music, to teaching, expanding her education, diving into non-profit work and raising her son as a single mother. She educates us on privilege and expands us in more ways than we thought possible.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her cultural upbringing

  • The journey that led her to music & teaching

  • Her involvement in the civil rights movement

  • The power of expanders and networking

  • The flow of her passions

  • Her journey as a single mother

  • The issue of racism in America and what we can do to change it

  • Tips for inclusivity in the workplace

  • The case for implicit biases

  • Advice for fostering inclusivity in your daily life


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