Expanded x Ep. 52: Letting Go, Feeling Free and Finding Worth with Lacy and Lila


“it’s a stepping stone, this process. Yes, you’ll still manifest really big things even though it’s a process of life, of really coming into your whole authentic worth.”

Today’s episode is a Supported Expanded episode, where Lacy and Lila answer manifestation questions as a sneak-peek into SUPPORTED, the bi-monthly manifestation class. In today’s episode, Lacy and Lila answer questions about letting go, allowing ourselves to feel freedom and power, and finding our worth even at rock bottom.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Letting go of/moving on from relationships that don’t reciprocate your needs anymore

  • Being patient with yourself as you come into your worth

  • Getting to the source of what is creating the lack of spark in relationships

  • The most important requirement of a bridge job

  • Owning our personality traits and examining why we need these mechanisms

  • Feeling in our power during a reprogramming

  • Building your worth to not settle

  • Coincidence versus being tapped into intuition

  • Knowing when to use your gifts

  • Giving ourselves freedom to follow our impulses and interests, even if they don’t last

  • Finding out where we still feel unworthy of what we want

  • Examining our subconscious around traits that are holding us back

  • Standing up for our boundaries and who we are to protect our well-being

  • Allowing the steps of manifestation to flow

  • Expanding and taking limiting beliefs through the DRE

  • Triggers of having to be a perfectionist and overachiever to keep stability and be loved

  • How to gain credibility with a new project or career

  • Equating pricing with confidence level

  • The connection between money and love

  • Getting our subconscious in line with our requests and what we feel we deserve

  • Magnetism and manifestation will keep propelling if we have a mindset that we will no longer settle

Exercise: Think of and write down one very tangible thing that you feel close to or want in your life right. Walk it through Unblocked Full Moon; while walking through it, get clear on why you still feel unworthy of what you want. This will help you know when you’re subconscious is really in line with what you’re asking for.


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