Expanded x Ep. 53: Homeopathic Healing with Michalene Seiler


“That’s what I find the most beautiful about this form of medicine, is that it touches on anything, from emotional, to mental, to physical.”

Mariposa homeopath Michalene Seiler joins Lacy on the podcast today to share about her practice in homeopathy. Michalene has been the only person to resolve Lacy’s insulin resistance and blood sugar issues. In this episode, she shares the history of homeopathy, some of the main principles of homeopathy, and the beauty of homeopathic healing.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Michalene’s cultural upbringing on the East Coast

  • Michalene’s early adulthood ailments and her own introduction to homeopathy

  • Living and going to school in NYC in the late 60’s and early 70’s

  • What homeopathy is and what it does

  • The law of similars

  • How homeopathy was discovered in 1790 by Samuel Hahnemann

  • How homeopathic remedies are compounded

  • The three principles of homeopathy: the law of similars, the single dose, and the minimum dose

  • The individual nature of homeopathy

  • The intake process, and observation of physical manifestations of symptoms

  • Plant, animal, and mineral remedies

  • The importance of being without prejudice when diagnosing remedies

  • Lacy’s personal experience with homeopathic remedies for insulin resistance

  • The 3 major miasmas: Psora, Sycosis, and Syphilis

  • The expanded miasmas and their patterns: Acute, Typhoid, Malarial, Psychotic, Cancer, Tubercular, Laprotic, Syphilis

  • The duality between homeopathy and allopathy

  • The reputation of homeopathy in this country and in the media

  • The success of homeopathy

  • Treating layers and the direction of cure

  • The common gateways to homeopathy

  • Michalene’s rewarding results in her practice

  • Why it’s hard to treat people who have been on many drugs for many years with homeopathy

  • The importance of giving it time

  • The remedy process

  • What’s happening vibrationally and energetically with homeopathy

  • Some of the characteristics of plant, animal, and mineral remedies

  • How we incorporate the energy of our surroundings


Where to find Michalene:

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