Expanded x Ep. 54: The Process with Mel Nahas and How She Manifested Her List


“Something that I’ve started to practice is that whenever I’m in dialogue with someone, they are the Universe talking to me. It makes me very present -even if they’re sharing about something that’s happening in their life, it is a message for me.”

Mel Nahas joins Lacy on the Expanded Podcast for a second time and shares her experience with the process, that resulted in her calling in her biggest manifestation yet for her business. Mel shares her experience as the partnership with LiveNation became a reality, her rock bottoms, lessons learned, and how she’s opened herself up to the messages from the Universe.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Hibiscus and its benefits

  • What Lacy uses to make and create her herbal infusions

  • The Forest Retreat House calendar launch -August 15th

  • What you can do at the Forest Retreat House

  • Mel’s first episode describes her process of manifesting a larger investment in her company Conscious City Guide

  • Mel’s manifestation sponsorship with LiveNation

  • How Mel used Lacy’s process to find expanders (through social media, press, in person)

  • Moving her business over to a new ticketing platform

  • The energetics behind Mel’s decision at the time

  • The signs from the Universe about her decision

  • The moment Mel knew she was fully expanded

  • Mel’s divine pings -how she stays connected to the messages from the Universe

  • Points where Mel was tested to step into her worth

  • The flow after the initial investment from LiveNation

  • Patterns of manifestations -claiming where these patterns are

  • Examples of what Mel called in versus how it actually showed up

  • Mel’s manifestation for a house

  • Lessons Mel learned during her manifestation

  • Her rock bottom, upgrade, and how she’s able to hold her worth now

  • A scary rock bottom experience

  • What’s on the horizon for Mel’s company, Conscious City Guide

  • Tour partnership with Conscious City Guide and To Be Magnetic


Where to find Mel:

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