Expanded x Ep. 60: The Process, Embracing the Highs and Lows of Manifestation with Jocelyn Kelly Reid


“You can come back from anything. You’re intended to go through it so you can come out and show yourself something bigger.”

Today’s guest is a fellow Pathway member who has come on the show to share her own experience doing the Pathway work. Jocelyn talks in depth about her experience in childhood as a woman of color and how this influenced her upbringing. She describes her workshop experience, and how it’s brought her to a magnetic space in both dating and her career.

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In This Episode We Talk About:  

  • A relaxing week away in NYC, meeting people who are doing the Pathway work 

  • Lacy’s fat soluble protocol 

  • The new unscented products she’s using 

  • The new body of work Lacy has downloaded 

  • Jocelyn’s cultural background and upbringing

  • Her experience as an African American growing up in a primarily Caucasian environment 

  • How she identifies (or doesn’t) with all the different groups she’s associated with 

  • The archetypes we call forward in our most magnetic state — for Jocelyn, it’s more about how she feels than how she imagines herself in specific scenarios 

  • Her biggest rock bottom, and the conditions surrounding it 

  • How received the ping to get out of that rock bottom — the series of events that led her to getting out of the situation 

  • Her anxious attachment to a guy in LA during this time, and the psychic premonitions about him 

  • Until you know who you are entirely, don’t go see anyone about future premonitions 

  • Everyone is meant to go through a conscious update, but it happens at different points in life for everyone 

  • The struggle in work feeling like an entrepreneur in a corporate, structured setting 

  • Jocelyn has first-hand experience with the work and the pathway 

  • How someone she dated served as a mirror during Unblocked Reparent and shadow 

  • Perfectionism, and how this influences how Jocelyn accepts love 

  • Growing up, she always felt that something was missing in her friendships and relationships — the work has helped her form deeper connections with like-minded people 

  • Finding a safe space to express our emotions and owning the way we express ourselves 

  • What’s come up for her in her career/entrepreneurship while working through the Pathway 

  • Reconciling her career mindset with the work history of her parents, specifically growing up without her mom working 

  • The most valuable work upfront for her was shadow work - she experienced many things that were bigger than her 

  • How the work she was doing shifted things within her family dynamic, especially the relationship with her dad 

  • If something’s not moving or opening up, there’s still another layer of unblocking or expansion that you need to do 

  • During Unblocked Money, she called forth a great opportunity for her career 

  • Everything in life is energetic, even if we put it on a physical item; it’s an energetic of worthiness 

  • Every time she would push this guy away, she would get magnetic in her career 

  • When you consciously ask for expanders, the universe will put them in front of you 

  • Her brother’s wedding served as a final expander for her romantic life — she has been dating more recently than she has before 

  • Besides Elaine, her brother’s wedding, and her aunt, Lacy is a big expander for Jocelyn; she also has several micro-expanders 

  • Three things in motion to manifest: 1. Finding expanders/being expanded in what you want 2. Being unblocked 3. Taking action 

  • Jocelyn’s current career manifestations and how they are creating magnetism in other areas of her life 

  • Expansion around identifying and pulling together someone she is physically attracted to and the chemistry is there, with someone who is emotionally available 

  • Knowing what your capable of and fully stepping into your financial worth 

  • Lacy answers some of Jocelyn’s manifestation questions around the next career steps and love  

  • Don’t get addicted to using healers, but use them when you need them — follow your intuition 

  • To be a new way in this world, the old way has to actually die






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