Expanded x Ep. 61: Getting Back to Our Authentic Selves with Katie Dalebout

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“If we can start to welcome who we are truly, our true authenticness, and we can get closer to that, watch what starts to happen in your life when you honor that.”

This week’s episode is an episode of the Let It Out Podcast with Katie Dalebout that Lacy was channeled to share with the audience. In this episode, Katie and Lacy dive into Lacy’s childhood, and how this manifestation work came to fruition. Lacy shares some of her own experiences with manifestation, as well as advice for people doing the work now.

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In This Episode We Talk About:  

  • Lacy's morning routine now that the seasons are changing

  • Spending time connecting with the land & Earth

  • Calling in and downloading a new team, new guests and content for the podcast

  • Subconscious projection through style

  • The importance of going at your own pace during the process

  • How our souls connect to different places and how it affects our physical being

  • Lacy’s childhood, and the implications of growing up among several different homes

  • Lacy’s introduction to an alternative lifestyle, via her medium grandmother

  • Finding authenticity beyond the external

  • The start of Lacy’s journey when she consulted with her family intuitive

  • How manifestation first started showing up in relationships for Lacy

  • How Lacy began honoring her energetic gifts after she started having success with manifesting

  • How the “think positive” rhetoric can be very debilitating for people and the need to welcome your polarity and negative emotions

  • Your true authenticity is your magnetism

  • Ways to connect to your authenticity

  • What isn’t reinforcing your authenticity, will prevent you from connecting to your authenticity

  • Importance of creating manifestation boundaries until your trust muscle is developed

  • Manifesting from our subconscious beliefs, not our thoughts

  • All of our blocks stemming from childhood (under age 14 or 15)

  • Shame being the biggest creator of our shadow, and the root of our limiting beliefs

  • What we manifest is from our formative years when we were shaped by peer programming, media programming, modeling, etc

  • When we start owning our shame and faults and step into that power

  • Coming to this Earth as our true authentic selves and needing to develop our “pearls” as we grow from childhood

  • Lacy’s work being about cracking open the shell we’ve developed around our pearl based on what we were loved for when we were little

  • Getting rid of authentic traits when they don’t result in love or attention or nurturing during childhood

  • Manifestation as a lifelong process – when it seems lofty, remember that starting the work is already creating magnetism

  • The Reparent workshop going through all the phases of childhood

  • The Shadow workshop is looking at the aspects of self that you’re rejecting

  • Body image becoming a sense of worth from a young age

  • Expanders being people you relate to enough and your subconscious registers that you can have or do that too, which creates space for the manifestation to come through

  • The most successful ways Lacy works through body image

  • The connection between exposure therapy and expanders

  • Emotions as a road map to show us where we need to do the work

  • The energetic difference between envy and jealousy

  • Journaling as a great way to ground and get clarity

  • Anyone being able to manifest if they are willing to step up and reprogram everything they’ve learned

  • When you start to take away labels, you create space where anything’s possible

  • Lacy’s feminine and masculine style/aesthetic

  • Not settling as the magnetism for relationships

  • How your partners serve as a mirror for things you can change

  • How owning your authenticity, in media, branding, marketing — will draw people in because it resonates with them

  • How Lacy maintains her authenticity when it comes to social media

  • Morning routines Productivity: delegate, trim the fat, make sure it’s an absolute yes





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