Expanded x Ep. 62: Natural Health, Wellness and Financial Wellbeing with Melissa Palmer of Osea

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“Our goal is to raise consciousness in every interaction.”

Today's guest is Melissa Palmer, the CEO of Osea, a non-toxic seaweed skincare line based in Malibu. Melissa shares the roots of her family-run business, spanning generations of women inspired by the sea. She speaks to the care and sourcing of their products, as well as the challenges they’ve faced as a company. Melissa also dives into her personal story from growing up on a commune, to having a natural lifestyle, to her experience with fertility treatments and the importance of financial wellbeing.

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In This Episode We Talk About:  

  • Hiring and onboarding new members to the To Be Magnetic Team

  • Lacy’s practice with a medium

  • Newest developments in the Karen Hurd protocol

  • Recent indulgences: Downton Abbey movie, A Discovery of Witches, a new jumpsuit, Tones of God album

  • The new Blog Topics page on the website

  • New dates for the retreat house

  • The history of Osea

  • Melissa’s great grandmother coming to America by herself at age 14

  • Her great grandmother's journey to discovering chiropractics and becoming the first woman to attend chiropractic school

  • How her great grandmother started a successful practice during the Great Depression

  • How Melissa’s mom resonated with her grandmother’s health and wellness practices

  • Melissa’s cultural upbringing on a commune

  • The lifestyle/culture change moving to Malibu from the commune, and how this helped inspire the products and the business

  • The challenges in selling natural products before the market knew what non-toxic meant

  • How the FDA regulates beauty products

  • Natural vs. naturally derived

  • Seaweed, which is the base of their products, and the three main types they use

  • The benefits of seaweed and the functions of the different ingredients used in their products

  • What sets Osea apart from other natural brands

  • The biggest rock bottom of the business

  • Lacy’s routine and how she’s using these products

  • Top products for oily and mature skin

  • New products that have recently hit the line

  • The importance of financial wellbeing to overall wellness

  • Financial tips for entrepreneurs

  • Importance of listening to your own rhythms when it comes to different practices

  • Melissa’s mom’s influence on her wellness routines

  • Melissa’s journey to minimalism

  • Finding freedom in creating very specific goals

  • Fertility treatments and the challenges it presents on a woman's body

  • How growing a business takes the space of a full relationship

  • The surrender both Melissa and Lacy have felt around fertility

  • Raising consciousness in every interaction


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This episode is brought to you by OSEA.

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