Journaling.  It’s something we are constantly hearing about in the wellness, spiritual, and therapy scene.   But how does one go about that?  It can be intimidating.  What if someone stumbles upon my deepest, darkest thoughts?  What do I even write about?  What time of day?  Everyday?  Am I doing it correctly?  Why does this feel weird and forced?  You get the point. 

A lot of stigma can manifest surrounding the very simple and easy act of journaling.  I personally nominate myself as your permission to throw all pretentious caution to the wind and just get into the habit of getting energy, thoughts, worries, premonitions, and ideas out of your head and into a time capsule.

Here is my personal guide to journaling.  Take what you’d like, throw away what you don’t, and just start doing it daily or as often as possible.  You’ll feel a growth and transformation.  I guarantee it.

TIME | here is what will take a little investigating.  Some people do really well with setting a timer and writing for three minutes in the morning.  Others in the evening.  I personally do not give myself time goals to hit.  In the morning, I’ll jot a few sentences down regarding my dream(s) the evening before.  Then after my daily meditation, I’ll take a few minutes to write.  Length isn’t important.  Conveying my ideas and messages are.  

DREAMS | upon waking up in the morning, I jot down anything I recall from the previous night's dreams.  I find some to be filled with answers, messages, guidance, or sometimes they are silly subconscious fears.  Nonetheless, I love referring back to these dreams when something in my conscious life needs that tiny little message I received.

MANIFESTATIONS | I manifest with the new moon, and cleanse "things" that do not serve me with the full moon.  I jot all of these down in my journal.  For manifestations, I craft my list, and keep it to refer back to.  For cleansing, I rip that page out and burn it under the full moon. 

DOWNLOADS | intuition just comes with being an Aquarius.  I’m incredibly intuitive, and get many downloads daily.  They come in the form of messages, guidance, what to do next, how to solve problems; etc.  I ALWAYS add these to my journal during my evening writing session so that I can refer back to them when I need this guidance.  

GRATITUDE | I finish every journal entry by listing 5 things that I’m grateful for.  It’s a wonderful habit to recognize all the good in my life, and it keeps me connected to the source energy so that I can continue to attract more positivity and abundance. 

THOUGHTS | otherwise, the rest of my entry consists of thoughts brewing from that day.  Working through conversations I had, feelings that didn’t sit well with me, realizing how to navigate certain relationships, and personal growth that I’d like to achieve. Happenings that I don’t want to forget about.  Truly, this is very freeform with zero structure.

GRAMMAR | don’t sensor yourself or slow yourself down by getting hung-up on grammar and spelling.  Sometimes my entries look like a third grader wrote them.  And that’s perfectly acceptable.  As long as I’ve had the chance to release that energetic thought, and I can comprehend what I’m saying for future reference, then well done.

SPACE | create a sacred space where you can consistently journal – such as an altar.  Your body and mind will resonate that once you are in this space, your energy is dedicated to getting your thoughts out in a focused and safe flow.

PRIVACY | if you are nervous of anyone peeking into your thoughts and mind, find a private and safe place to keep your journal.  This way you are fully honest with yourself and don’t sensor any thoughts.  It’s important to have one place that you can fully and completely show up as 100% yourself on an energetic level, daily.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips