Drying Herbs

I love this time of year. You’ll often find piles of fresh herbs outweighing the produce in my Farmers’ Market basket. I use herbs in EVERYTHING. Literally every dish I cook usually starts with the base of sweating onions in a pan with some assembly of fresh herbs, and then I’ll top the dish with more fresh herbs.

When I have such an abundance of herbs in stock, I know better than to stick them in the fridge as they’ll most likely go bad before I can use the whole bundle. So to remedy this, the way I ensure that I use every last leaf is by drying them in a special place in my kitchen that I reserve specifically for herb drying.

I’ll then pluck them off and use in my cooking--even during the drying process. However once they are fully dry I end up using them in so many more versatile ways: tincture & bitters making, oil infusing, salt blends, custom tea blends, dry rubs. I’ll even grind them in a coffee grinder and store in jars as my very own spices. The possibilities are endless. 


Herb(s) of choice



Gather herbs into a bundle. Use yarn, jute, or string of choice and tie it around the base a few times. Now secure with a knot at the base. Then tie your two tips together. Find a medium temperature space to hook them on. Leave for about a week or until they have fully dried. Pluck off leaves and store in a jar or baggie. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips