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Truth is one of the scariest things to face. Yet, it’s the most liberating, powerful and magnetizing. With truth comes power. Because at the root of truth is fearlessness. And every time you live, speak, and act truthfully, you are really living, speaking, and acting fearlessly. Therefore, you are creating a stronger and stronger magnetism in your manifestation practice.  We learned here that negative thoughts won’t hold you back from what you are manifesting, but fear will.  

To say, “be truthful” is quite abstract. Where does one start? When you feel activated by fear in your life, I want you to uncover the truth under it.  Usually the root of lies (to ourselves or others) is a survival mechanism against being seen for whom we truly are, and the fear of being rejected (deeper – for whom we truly are).

And like the little or big weights that lies create, each time we face that fear of being seen or being rejected, we effortlessly expand our consciousness as well as our fearlessness to be exactly who we are and not care who we weed out because of it.

Weeding out is a glorious thing. It creates space, and The Universe fills empty space with people, opportunities, and things we want – especially when we raise our magnetism through more and more fearlessness.

Here are some examples of areas that I’ve been getting more and more honest and truthful.

-Being 100% transparent about why I don’t want to collaborate or can’t make it to an event.

-Being fearless and truthful with myself by uncovering old lies/programming, getting to the root, and replacing them with my new story (with this tool).

-Not embellishing in conversations or needing to be right, or the smartest. Just being 100% myself and speaking 100% truth when asked. Humbling myself and getting fearless about being exactly who I am.

Where are you lying? What areas are you afraid of getting truthful? Of afraid of being discovered? Start eradicating fear with truth and watch the expansion happen. 

Photographed by Brian Overend

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