The Beach is the Best Spa


I stopped getting facials and pedicures long ago. My nails are too oily to hold non-toxic paint (they chip instantly). And facialists have to be incredibly spectacular (like Kristina Holey, who practices in SF hence why I don’t go) to catch my attention. I do, however, LOVE massages and indulge in them weekly - especially for the medicinal purpose of deepening the lymphatic drainage process.

My real spa is the beach. And since we have full-fledged beach weather in LA, I try to pop out every chance I get.

Reframing the way you see the beach and turning it into your own personal spa.

PEDICURE | a few hours in the sand and water will completely buff your toenails, and scrub the dead skin off the bottom of your soles.

MINERAL | 20 minutes in the ocean is a loaded mineral bath.

VITAMIN D | hitting the sun at the right time, for the right length, with the right amount of skin exposed will give you your daily dose of vitamin D3. Navigate what that is for you personally from this app.

BLOWOUT | I always wash my hair before hitting the beach, so that I can wear my ocean salty hair for the next 3-4 days without doing a thing. And during those four days, people always say, “how is your hair so full? What have you done differently?”

SAUNA | when you’re combating hot temps, enjoy this natural sauna. Indulge in all the toxins leaving your body through sweat - while resting at the beach.

GROUNDING | walking on the sand is infusing the earth's ions into your body, instantly grounding you, and reducing inflammation/cortisol.

HOME | upon arriving home, I drink a mineral rich herbal infusion. I lather my body in coconut oil (this recipe here), and I take a quick nap (or meditate) to let all the medicinal properties sink in further (like we do during acupuncture).

The ocean truly is your own personal spa. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips