Navigating times of emotional upheaval can be confusing when we are new to it. However, when we already have our tools in place, we are much more equipped to process what we are going through. Facing intimacy, perfectionism, and the control we believe we have over both should be a gentle process, for exposing demons, warts, and all is incredible under-supported in our society.

But what a strong and beautiful path to journey down when there is nothing but deep self love and acceptance, as well as being able to truly allow oneself to be loved and accepted by those around us at the end? Here are the ways I’ve been navigating this bittersweet terrain filled with immense beauty.

COMMUNITY | the very first thing I do when anything major comes up is thank The Universe, for it signals that I’m yet again evolving through another huge block, which will only result in manifesting greater subjects in the near future – and living even more fearlessly and empowered. I then roll up my sleeves and get to work. This is the very same individual work that I prescribe to my clients, and for me lately that has been a lot of inner child work, journeying, clearing, and reprogramming.

While I process my personal work, the second thing I do is connect with my stunning community so that I am supported. Sharing and connecting with and in community is one of the most expansive and expediting experiences we can do. That is why I’m so in love with workshops. For one person’s process answers or comforts many of our own.

For me, community comes in many different forms. I have my incredible astrologer Danielle Beinstein who is a HUGE proponent of doing the work while offering wise astrological reasoning individual to me. Ashley Neese is the energy I turn to for transcending emotional support. If I’m free and in town, I always pop into Lauren Spencer King’s Breathwork circle to share and breath in community. Also, a wonderful free platform, which offers a beautiful safe community, incredible tools, and complete trust in The Universe is CoDa.

Whatever community calls to you, we’ve been doing it since the beginning of time, it’s in our DNA to yearn for connection, and deep healing happens in community that can’t happen alone.

READ | the book that I’m currently about to crack open is Receiving Love

MINERALS | I’ve been really relying on some mineral frequencies to assist me in meditation. Lately this has been a rose quartz gifted to me by Ashley Neese (for deep and gentle self love), Smokey Quartz (for grounding) and Lemon Quartz (for sunny and uplifting energy) gifted to me by GEM + REMEDY, and a large selenite block to ground my feet on.

SLOW | I’ve slowed WAY down during Mercury in Retrograde that’s accompanied by these two eclipses. This is a brilliant time to be doing the work we need to do. Our dreams are more vivid and intense, which are allowing our subconscious mind to process and deepen our work. It’s about under-scheduling, indulging, and listening to what needs to be heard from within us. For me, I’ve been tapping in (listening) by freeform (no structure) meditation with the minerals listed above. During them, exactly what I need to focus on presents itself.

BEING | a major part of eradicating perfectionism and controlling it is being seen for all of our bits and pieces, which results in intimacy. And the huge leap of faith with intimacy is being able to be exactly who we are, then giving the rest up to The Universe. For me, this means communicating to my partner exactly where I’m at.  And letting go of any expectation of blindly fearing how he might take that piece of information and use it as ammunition, or abandon me, or judge me because it isn’t about his reaction or perception of me or who I am. It’s about me being ok with expressing that and accepting it entirely. And what I can’t control, I just give to The Universe knowing that I’m 100% supported, taken care of, and will always be caught by its net.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips