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Let's talk money and expanding for a moment as we gear up for UNBLOCKED Opulence in two weeks. (And as I continue to roll out this Expanders series to help you guys expand to create space for your manifestations). This will be short and concise as you'll learn about in UNBLOCKED. 

We manifest from the structure of belief imprinted between the ages of 0-14. Let's say that one grew up in wealth, in a small, positive, and loving community, with deeply supportive parents (that had a loving and harmonious relationship), that met all the children's needs and nurtured the child's authentic essence. And they also supported any dream the child had both emotionally and financially. Then the child went on to have an entirely harmonious school and peer experience. Let's say this child didn't imprint any shame or lack. Let's also say that this child was surrounded by mentors that were successful in the career path that the child dreamed of going down. Guess what; this is a perfect manifestor. They most likely wouldn't need any manifestation help. They would already be quite magnetic and most likely already in wealth within their chosen financial portals and career. If that's you, carry on, and you don't need to read any further. 

To create space for more abundance to come through, you have to see (and related to) to believe. Meaning:


1.  Survey your current financial and career space. Where are you right now? True inventory - financially. 

2. Where do you want to be? What number weekly, monthly? What job? Lifestyle pleasures? Do you ever get specific and think about this? 

3. Do you have people in your life that make that a week month and are in that career finding success and happiness? Anyone, you know? Do you spend time with them so that your mirror neurons can connect and mimic that it's possible for you? 

When I used to make vision boards and manifest from new age literature, there was a huge gap between where I was and where I wanted to be. I also didn't have anyone around me that reflected back where I could grow into. Therefore, when I'd - essentially "wish" - for more money, nothing was happening. I was still materializing exactly what I learned was possible for me in childhood. Over and over again. 

Even the people around me that I knew, at the time, I placed them on a much higher pedestal than me because my worth was so low. My shadow would say, "but they come from money, so I could never have that." Or something to the like. 

I had to UNBLOCK a lot of those shadowy limiting beliefs. A LOT.  I had to create space from Expanders that I recognized myself in. I was not that top paragraph that depicts a perfect manifestor. But it wasn't until I stopped "wishing" and started doing. All of which we'll be going over in-depth in UNBLOCKED. 

If you're in need of guidance during the exciting, personal, and delicate process of manifestation, I look forward to connecting over a session

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