THE TOOLS • and a completed manifestation list

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I know I'm singing to the choir when I say that this really is the most magical time of year. It provides such an open portal of possibility for me - always. I still drive to my special spot up by Lake Hollywood, alone, sit on my special bench and create my New Years intention through my formula. I've been doing it at this location since I was 23. And I'll be doing it before I head home for the holidays.

Last year, my biggest dream was to create a digital workshop of my entire process that anyone could access around the world since only three wonderful groups of 22 people have had the opportunity of sitting with me and learning HOW TO MANIFEST work.  

So as we all join in this year-end magical portal together, I'm so very excited to announce THE TOOLS page. A one-stop page where you can access my manifestation tools at your fingertips And I couldn't think of a better way to launch it than in tandem with opening the sign-ups for HOW TO MANIFEST Workshop today!



This morning, before work, I was flipping through my 2016 journal (as this client yesterday reminded me to revisit mine), and I found this sweet completed manifestation list. And as always, it mortifies me to share it with you, for you so openly get to see my spelling mishaps, materialism, and vanity all in one spot, which means that I HAVE to share it as part of my shadow work. For everyone is a vain, imperfect, and material on the material plane. Part of my shadow work this year has been being OK with being seen on a big level - all aspects of my personality. So, that comes with all the bits that make me feel uncomfortable. This is no exception, though I did omit a couple of TOO personal bits that would affect someone else.  And it all came in 2017. Here's to 2018!

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips