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Raise your hand if you read a manifestation book that told you to purchase the large item that you want in order to create abundance. Or the one that asks you to buy the expensive wardrobe that would be suitable for the job you’re manifesting in order to already feel as if you have it – therefore attracting it? Or the one that told you to start spending money as if you already have the amount you’re asking the universe to magically send to you only to find yourself racking up a credit card bill. Or the one that asks you the write the million-dollar check, with a deadline, and cash it on the date five years from now. My hand is up!

Now, keep your hand raised if you didn’t get into debt (large or small), and if you actually got the chance to cash that check? Roughly no hands are raised at this point, I imagine. And if yours is, you are literally the one-in-a-million story. Why? Because this is useless new age manifestation superstation and spiritual bypass. How do I know? Because I followed all manifestation money advice from ALL of the books for years and not much happened.

Why is that? For two very simple (but complicated) reasons. The ONLY two ways one manifests more income is through expanding and growing subconscious (unconscious) self-worth. By doing this you truly learn the power of your subconscious mind. I’ve tried it all, and once I figured this out, the road became actionable, very linear, and finally within my control rather than out-of-control superstition and hope. This has also been the case for my clients.

Manifesting opulence can only happen as quickly as you can expand your beliefs (potential) and grow your unconscious self-worth - meaning the worth that you are still looping on from childhood and your adolescent self based on the financial environment you grew up in as well as the programming of how unconsciously worthy you are of actually deserving money.

Now what those manifestation books were trying to elude to was situational magnetism, which is a very real thing. Meaning the moment that you let go of something that is no longer serving you, or you take action on something for the betterment of yourself, therefore growing into your most whole, authentic, powerful essence. The universe LOVES rewarding you for this.

Example: the girl that has always wanted to move to LA from the east coast but has a fear programming and controlling family. So, she finally decides to trust the universe and make that move. Once she arrives, she has a nice amount of money in her savings. She needs a car, and her family is pressuring her to get something old, used, and reliable that gets her from a to b. However, she has enough to put down on her dream car, a new and cute FIAT. So, she decides to finally break up with her family controlling her, follow her heart, trust the universe and buy the FIAT. All of the sudden she’s created situational magnetism; therefore, she attracts an apartment and job that match her list rather quickly. The universe literally rewards her for finally stepping into her essence, power, and trust.

This didn’t happen because she bought the more expensive car, notice that she didn’t go into debt, and she wasn’t doing something out of ego in order to feel richer. She stood in her power, detached from the controlling relationship that wasn’t serving her, and followed her heart. The same thing could have happened had her parents been controlling where she should work, let’s say finance, but her heart is in fashion; therefore, instead of listening to her parents, she steps into her power and authentic essence, follows her heart and trusts the universe by getting a job in fashion. She showed herself this was all possible by learning how to activate subconscious mind. The same situational magnetism would have occurred therefore attracting the apartment and job on her list. Do you see and understand situational magnetism?

Now, it’s also worth noting that after buying the car, getting the job, an apartment, poof, she didn’t magically begin to attract in and roll in cash! The job on her list and the apartment came with their own set of struggles. Why? I mean, she bought the more expensive new car in line with who she wanted to be, so she should have been racking in cash and she should have lived happily ever after. Not the case. But why?

Because the apartment and job were still mirroring back her unconscious beliefs that need shifting. That controlling mom she grew up with did a number of her unconscious beliefs surrounding money and worth. Mostly resulting in the narrative of fear, never enough, the victim, take the safe job in order to survive = you don’t deserve to be and won’t be financially successful, especially for following your dreams. If we reduce this further, on a subconscious level, she was projecting, I’m not lovable enough or deserving enough to have my dreams filled and rewarded in providing all of my financial wants and needs.

Now, this particular example that I’m writing about is one of the brightest souls I've ever met. She’s beautiful, has one of the best eyes for fashion and design, and is expanding daily!

However, this is the perfect example to paint the difference between situational magnetism/abundance vs how to expand and reprogram subconscious mind in order to create space and command that space is filled with our financial flow from our subconscious magnetic projection.

Living in abundance and giving does open up your energy for flow, but truly attracting opulence takes unconscious reparenting of the inner child and adolescent worth, as well as learning how to truly dance with the universe (and money) from an unconscious expanded and worthy state of being as well as how to talk to your subconscious mind. Both of which I’m very excited to close out the year through UNBLOCKED digital workshops and THE TOOLS

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