SHAME • #BeAnExpander


Shame. Shame is the root cause of every single block in manifestation. Shame and block are directly interchangeable. Shame can be imprinted through physical violation, verbal, mental, environmental, societal, or modeled to us through parental, peer, and media programming. Shame has been used politically, religiously, and financially since Egyptian times as the main strategy for conformity, division, manipulation, and oppression. Shame imprints the two most hardwired and systemic blocks - unworthiness and unlovability.

Shame and pain are the two democratic emotions and tactics that connect every single human on the planet. 

Energetically what connects all of us is love, but let's keep this on the physical plane and stay away from all of that "soul," oneness, consciousness, love shenanigans that can feel distant and hard to relate to.


Purely physically speaking, it is scientifically impossible for any two humans on the planet to be exactly the same. Even for identical twins that share the same DNA, because the environment, modeling, and society shape them into completely different individuals. This is why twins - even having grown up in the same household - can have significantly different health issues, personalities, and preferences. 

Therefore, the only way to dismantle the notion of division and shame in the human race is through investing in the whole, authentic, worthiness of every single individual. Every one. I personally subscribe to the belief that simply because one is alive, they are whole, complete and innately worthy and deserving of anything they desire to manifest that aligns with their true authentic selves. The path to connection and true healing comes when we can all safely and vulnerably acknowledge that we have all experienced pain and shame. And unjustly, some experience more than others. 

This is why every tool in this manifestation process gives permission and support for every single individual to look at the labels and molds projected onto them through the acts of shame they've experienced since birth. All the ways we’ve been labeled unworthy or unlovable must be investigated in order to find our personal whole, authentic, worthy selves. In this way, each person is able to understand that they are deserving of exactly what they desire – and therefore are able to co-create and manifest it. The tools are also a platform to release the shame in an effort to accept ourselves entirely. True integration is the ability to accept what you uniquely find to be "good" and "bad" in every one, as every single individual inhabits the entire human spectrum inside of them. 

There are a few ways that we can each individually go about this as we do our own work on healing, integrating, reprogramming, and expanding. Here are actionable steps that may already be in your toolbelt!


1. We know from the stats of this community that all walks of life tune in from all over the world. And we know from surveys that all of you have been through some shameful and painful experiences. But every single one of us tuning in are on a mission to become our most whole, worthy, powerful selves. You may not think that you are as accomplished or relevant at this moment as you are setting out to be, but you very much are and you very much are an expander for someone else that is in a more oppressed - or similar - circumstance that you may have been in, that relate to you, that you have the power to allow them to see to believe that the same is possible for them. This can take place in the workplace, your local shelter, an organization, your local school where children may attend who have never ever heard that they are unique, powerful, and deserving of accomplishing everything their hearts desire - simply for breathing. 


2. In the chaos that I grew up in, God knows what I would have become if I didn't have a grandmother that told me, "Lacy, you can be anything you want to be. You can be successful from any dream or passion you have. You can make just as much money as anyone else. You can have anything you want." And because of her, I have manifested all of those things. Children are the actual changemakers on the planet. When was the last time you told your child that, your nieces and nephews, your friends' children, the underserved community that you grew up in? When was the last time you told that to a friend? When was the last time we told our partner that, our parents, or a victim of abuse, or a victim of violence? That, "You may not see it yet but I can completely see where you are going and that you are worthy of it. You are unique, you are special, and you are powerful."

3. Donating money to causes that you believe in actually does work. This was confirmed on last week's podcast that we taped with someone who has traveled the world and worked in many non-profit organizations and orphanages. Especially organizations that facilitate empowerment and independence. One Expander that I'm constantly awed by is Zainab Salbi, an Iraqi refugee, activist, Author of "Freedom Is An Inside Job" a book about her personal journey of owning her shadow and shame in order to help the shadows of the world and live in alignment with her authentic values. She's also the founder of Women For Women International, and though her words inspire me, literally daily, these ones really hit home, "When we do not heal from whatever injustice we may have faced, we become the very thing we despise. In healing, we change the story."

4. Work in children's outreach. Support authors writing children's books that are neutral and center on empowerment, individuality, worth, the dismantling of any shame, and the possibility that any child can manifest simply for being themselves. Donate your time by reading them at schools anywhere you travel that will have you. Gift it to children in your life. 

5. Connect those you know in need of Expanders with Expanders that are very successful in what they dream to be, have, do, or want. Being a connector is one of the greatest gifts that any person can do to support another's potential, vision, and success. 

Expanding, Vision Holding, empowerment, and dismantling shame are movements that work like a domino effect, and there are so many ways to show up.

Think of those that Vision Held and Expanded you, and how that has trickled into everything you now have that you used to dream about having, and how you have gone on to unconsciously mirror to others that the same is possible. As a Manifestation Advisor that doesn't identify with any label or mold, I personally won't facilitate, propagate, or participate in movements of shame, but I will always empower, #VisionHold, and #BeAnExpander for every unique individual.


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