3 Reasons Why Mercury Retrograde is Great for Manifestation


Mercury in retrograde can be a tricky, testing time and as challenges arise, it can be tempting fall back into old habits or get discouraged by triggers that affect your self worth. Yet, when it comes to this manifestation practice, this cosmic occurrence can truly be an exciting time to strengthen your trust muscle and take time to really address and unblock the triggers that are coming up. Don’t let superstitions surrounding Mercury in retrograde hold you back from manifesting.

Here are the 3 Reasons Why Mercury in Retrograde is Great for Manifestation


i. Forces you to slow down • It can be tempting to rush through the manifestation process, but this cosmic occurrence forces you to take things slowly and enjoy the opportunity for deeper self-awareness. Use this time to resist the urge to get caught up in the list you’ve been building and take inventory of the effortless abundance you have already called into your life. Mercury in Retrograde is a great time for self-improvement.

ii. Magnifies triggers •Mercury in retrograde is notorious for bring a period of enhanced challenges, technological malfunctions, reappearance of ex lovers or friends, etc. Instead of shying away from these challenges, charge at them head on! Welcome them with gratitude as they are a micro view of where you still have blocks or work to do in developing self worth and where you still hold blocks. As each challenge or frustration appears, take a breath to consider why it is triggering to you. Bring each one through the DRE.

iii. Forces you to jump off cliffs •We’re not saying that the ever-so-many-days the retrograde lasts are ideal for making big changes or leaps. But it is a time where you may be forced into rock bottoms and cliffs. You may be faced with greater challenges than spoken of above, challenges that make you feel as though you are backed up against a cliff and need to make a major leap. The Universe is tapping into the subconscious mind and testing to see if you know how to find self-worth, or rather reconnect with your self-worth, in this rockbottom. It can be scary and a period of heavy, albeit welcome, growth. Navigate any rock bottom or rut you may be facing during this period with UPLEVEL.

Don’t let old superstitions surrounding Mercury in Retrograde make you shy away from the opportunity to work on deeply-rooted triggers, face challenges, find self-worth and slow down to grow into your most authentic, magnetic self. Face inconveniences with patience and gratitude, each one provides you the chance to grow, unblock and manifest!


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