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I've been up @theforestretreat (we finally launched on IG, so go follow for some stellar rituals, recipes, and healing tips) with our first guests. This may be my favorite trip up here for it's the first that I feel fully settled in. I think the gigantic crystals I picked up, charged, and put in their feng shui corners are helping. And it's been extraordinary to infuse it with some LA energy from the retreaters. I thought I'd share a few things that inspired us this week. Also, head here if you’d like to be the first to know about events and retreats at the house!

DO NOT miss today's EXPANDED Podcast episode if you are remotely interested in growing a business through social media. If you've ever been drawn to working in non-profit. If you have immigrated to another country. If you followed your heart in love and have had backlash from your family. If you're wanting to manifest more travel on a budget in your life. Today is very EXPANSIVE! 

We obviously pulled from the OG deck. Still my favorite to date. 

This glass teapot was a gift and it is BY FAR the best version of these. We used it daily. Making tiny infusions, digestive tea after dinner, turmeric tea before dinner... etc. 

Reading this, and boy is it giving me some ideas. Stay tuned. His podcast is also coming out soon. I'm a soul level 10 that's 80% finished incarnating!!!! 

This is the meditation spray that I can't stop spraying on Barley and I. The Scotch pine is everything in it. We also rolled these and found them UBER relaxing. Use the code MAGNETIC to receive 15% off anything in the shop. His podcast episode is coming soon and it's going to blow your mind. 

I've said it before but I'll say it again, this is by far the chicest soap. Oldest soap in Aleppo, smells irresistible, and leaves the entire room that it lives in smelling like an incense all day! It's all we provide @theforestretreat

These live in the bathrooms so that you can cleanse your aura before you shower! 

Please tell me that you've tried this nut cheese. My dear friend Meredith Baird Figone put it on a vegan cheese plate when I visited her to record an episode of The Process and I'm addicted. It's also worth noting, totally unintentionally, that I've gone four days eating completely plant-based up here. Not that I'm prescribing this, but it's pretty cool to be healed enough now to have a choice when that wasn't the case for the last seven years. 

These are the kitchen towels that we use at the house so that we never have to have paper towels here. And they are clean and chic! 


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