WTF is Spiritual Bypassing and Am I Doing It?


Look, I completely resonate with the allure of spiritual bypass - a term that indicates one who tries all of the feel-good quick tricks to get the life they want quicker without up-heaving the heavy blocks that are actually holding one back. 

I personally tried it for most of my twenties. I will out myself as the person that would google search “crystals to manifest paying off debt quickly,” when yet another week of waitressing resulted in only $350 while I watched my other acting friends skyrocket to success. I even had a huge psychic addiction phase where I went to The Psychic Eye on Ventura Blvd. every other day to see one particular psychic for a $30 15-minute reading who would reassure me that she saw me holding a statue and giving an acceptance speech very soon. I share this because I understand you. I am you. And I can assure that energetically I have once been exactly where you are now. 

The New Age rhetoric of the "positive movement" put people in fear of getting honest with themselves and looking at their negative thoughts, their judgments, their low self-worth, their pain, their true feelings for fear that it "would" attract more of those. It also created a lot of superstition that has us frozen in our comfort zone. It created the perfect recipe to stay small and never manifest more than you currently have.

How do I know this? Because I was stuck in just that cycle for eight years manifesting nearly nothing before I got sick of it, tossed it out, and explored what was working for me: how, when, what and why. 

There is no need to ignore or reject a spiritual practice, and affirmations, visualizing, crystals, etc can be a beautiful mode of support during the manifestation process, but relying solely on these practices can cause you to bypass important emotional and psychological work we all need to heal.

It is work, sometimes painful and often requiring you to dig deeeeeep into your subconscious. Yet, this is where the real manifesting begins! This is where we transform.

Are you spiritual Bypassing?


Have you been working on a manifestation, to no avail? You might be relying too heavily on spiritual bypassing practices and superstitions. If nothing is coming:

i. You haven't unblocked the limiting beliefs you’ve picked up from childhood. This is where the work of reprogramming through the Deep Imaginings we offer in each of our workshops within The Pathway comes in. By reprogramming, you are able to train your neural pathways to create new ways of thinking, shedding old limiting beliefs and growing into a greater expression of your self-worth. Magic!

ii. You are continuing to settle for less than you are worth in one or more aspects of your life. You’re saying yes to things that do NOT light you up and you’re not creating boundaries to build your worth. UNBLOCKED No within the Pathway Membership will help you with this.

iii. And you haven't expanded your beliefs to align with what you're calling in. This is what I like to call “see to believe.” Expanders are people, experiences, etc that show our subconscious that what we want is actually possible.

Once you begin to unblock, expand and stand in your worth, watch all that will come through!


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