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Illustration via  Christiane Spangsberg

Illustration via Christiane Spangsberg

Welcome to #MyMagneticStory. Here we hope to expand what you believe is possible by sharing testimonials from the TBM community. We break it down step-by-step to show you how they achieved their aw-inspiring manifestation(s) so you can follow suit.

This Unblocker shares her journey through an unfulfilling career as an actress. She did a lot of self-searching and personal work until she stumbled upon the TBM work. (Listen to some great expanders for self-searching on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast.) Now she finds herself in a higher state of worth, exuding confidence and eager to continue with her practice as she watches the magic unfold.

Here’s Her Story

“After living in LA working as an actor, I took time to get re-centered around what I truly wanted because I was sad, lost, confused, and lonely. No matter what I booked, I was “grasping” for something else & never felt fulfilled. So I left; I read a lot, meditated, wrote and learned about who I am (and who I am becoming). Well, at that time I didn’t have Lacy (I don’t think I was ready) but I made a love list and an “ I only go back to LA if…” list. Fast forward a year, I was back in LA with everything on my list - a safe home, a loving second family, food security, nature, a supportive, expanding partner…I mean the list goes on.

Now here’s my favorite! I’ve been manifesting my whole life without knowing it (of course, we all have!) but when I learned the Law of Attraction, nothing clicked. I completely ran away from it because I felt disconnected, scared, and like I was grasping for things (I now realize) I didn’t really want. I took time to reconnect with my heart and self-worth and slowly was reintroduced to it by Shanti Gawain's book Creative Visualization and then - BAM! Lacy came into my life.

I have only been doing the work for two weeks and holy moly it was the missing piece (thank you spirit - I was ready!). My first To Be Magnetic list was for career expansion. Because I’m a non-specific Manifester, I make lists that are based on feelings. I kept saying “I am respected and inspire others through my work”. Simple, but completely aligned with my heart. I work as a spiritual compassion coach with an emphasis on creativity, so of course I want to be respected and inspiring. I kept seeing myself on stage in my DIs & wrote ‘Q&A’ twice on my list. It was obvious: I wanted to be seen, I wanted to engage, and I wanted to answer questions. I wanted to share my story and my heart based on someone’s curiosity of me! And I wanted people to listen and feel inspired! Also, I made it clear that I wanted it to be specifically empowering for women.

 A few days later, I’m looking at an Instagram account where the artist was submitted for a magazine feature in LA as an artist to look out for. In my head, I was like “I want someone to nominate me!” even though I’m not an artist in the traditional sense. Here’s where it gets good - I checked my email THAT NIGHT and: “Hi Caylie, I’m on the editorial side of the (redacted) Magazine and I’m working on interviews with hidden gems from LA and the surrounding areas. I thought that you would be a great fit for our ‘Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative series’.

The article is about the media’s portrayal of women and how it has been one dimensional. Women are doing incredible things and we hope to highlight and celebrate female role models to encourage more equality and just representation.”

 I could cry. I danced around for a while, that’s for sure. Then pulled out my lists and was like “holy shit’. I hope this is expanding for someone! This works and it is your birthright.”


i. Start where you are.

Like many of us, this Unblocker started her manifestation practice out of desperation for direction and a deep desire to feel fulfilled. Desperation led her to begin practicing the Law of Attraction, which only brought more confusion - without results. Regardless, she started prioritizing herself, giving more time for meditation and self-seeking. Any baby step towards unblocking and becoming more Authentic is to be applauded. You will find the work when you are ready, as this Unblocker did when she finally stumbled upon the TBM work.

Illustration via  Christiane Spangsberg

Illustration via Christiane Spangsberg

ii.  Be consistent.

Staying consistent with the Deep Imaginings (hypnosis meditations) within the workshops allowed this Unblocker to find clarity on her authentic desires and a cast a list that resonated with her true self.

iii. Build a list.

This Unblocker understands her human design and knows that she is a non-specific Manifester. Find out your manifestation style here, and look at the bottom right arrow on your chart. If it’s pointing to the right, you are a non-specific Manifester. She built her list based off of her intuition and following pings.

iv. Find Expanders.

Expanders don’t have to be acquaintances. She found her expander on Instagram, which showed her subconscious that what she desired was possible. This was the final piece that she needed for her manifestation to come through - and it did!

v. Take Action.

Small steps are all you need to get started on your own manifestation journey. Build your practice based off of what feels right to you. Channel any desperation you experience into an active search for your authentic self.

Just like this Manifester, you can alchemize your desperation into something beautiful. With challenge comes the opportunity to question your beliefs, get clear on what you want, and create massive shifts. Let your desperation lead you to your next chapter. Learn more through Uplevel.

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