3 Surprising Ways You Might Be Blocking Your Manifestations

Photo via  Laura Douglas

Photo via Laura Douglas

You’re doing the work. You are beginning to understand your worth and raise your standards. Despite these seismic shifts, you find yourself reverting back to past behavior, craving previous relationships, or reconsidering negative circumstances. What gives?

While we may consciously know that our current job, partner, or situation is below our worth - subconsciously we might be afraid to let go of the familiar. This can actualize as self-sabotage and block your manifestations from coming through. Remember that this is simply a part of the process and by committing to your worth, you commit to your manifestations.

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3 Reasons You’re Resisting Your Manifestations:

Photo via  Laura Douglas

Photo via Laura Douglas

  1. You don’t want to outshine others. This belief system stems from our Shadow; we associate success with shame and choose to play small. Success can also be isolating. You may experience resistance from those around you as you begin to manifest bigger items. This may appear as jealousy and resentment from your peers. In most cases, this is a projection of their shadow onto you. Every person in your experience is a mirror and a teacher. Use your community to foster your growth rather than clinging to their expectations of you. Look at the 8 people that surround you right now and ask yourself: are they lifting you up or bringing you down?

  2. You aren’t ready to say goodbye. While we talk a lot about the joys of manifestation, we don’t always touch on the grief that comes with it. As we raise our self worth, that which no longer matches our lower state of worth falls away. From relationships and homes to careers and dreams, as we manifest our circumstances will change. Learn to release what no longer serves you by making a list of what drains you and slowly cut them out of your life.

  3. You’re disconnected from the subconscious. The subconscious mind’s main priority is safety. Even when a behavior pattern or circumstance is destructive, the mind will want to recreate what it knows. In familiar situations, the ego understands and anticipates potential risks while new experiences are perceived as threats. This is why it is critical to reprogram your neural pathways to change your reality. Work through the Daily Reprogramming Exercises to rewire your patterns and create space for new opportunities.

When you find yourself hitting a block in your manifestation process, ask yourself if fear is holding you back. While fear is something we will all experience from time to time, do not let it govern your choices. Through Unblocked Shadow, unpack the perceived ‘risks’ of manifesting the life of your dreams. Remember - you design your destiny. Are you going to let fear stop you?  

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