The One Cleanse You Actually Need

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Artist Unknown

This month, I am embracing a different kind of cleanse; with the help of July’s eclipses, I am detoxing my subconscious mind. Eclipse season is a powerful time to Unblock, as it helps us to illuminate our shadow. Whether they force you to tap into your intuition or reveal truths that are currently hidden, eclipses can be emotionally charged. With the guidance of this cosmic energy, we can accelerate our manifestations by identifying and clearing limiting beliefs. 

This eclipse season, I am recommitting to How to Manifest, Unblocked Shadow, and Unblocked Inner Child. I know first hand just how life altering an eclipse can be. In fact, this time last year I experienced my most intense rock bottom. It’s what led me to create the Uplevel workshop. This season, just like the last, I feel huge shifts approaching. As my psychological astrologer puts it, this eclipse is opposite of my moon. I’m being asked to transcend to my next level; to let go of playing small out of loyalty, to project massive grace, to ask for what I really want, and then to allow it to come in. 

I have a feeling that many of us could benefit from revisiting (or starting!) the work. Through  How to Manifest, Unblocked Shadow, and Unblocked Inner Child, we prime ourselves to manifest everything we deserve to receive this year. 

The deepest layer of this work is to reprogram the subconscious mind; however you must also detox holistically for your manifestations to come through. From relationships to closets, what areas of your life feel cluttered, stagnant, or inauthentic? We are exactly 6 months away from 2020; now is the perfect opportunity to cleanse limitations and create space for the new.


i. Detox Your Environment.

Take inventory of your physical spaces including your home, work, and recreational areas. Do you have the space to live authentically? Are these spaces reflective of your core values? Whether you need to clean out an old closet, feng shui your apartment, or create a sacred space, take time to optimize your living area. 

ii. Detox Your Body.

Take a moment to scan your body; how are you feeling? What nutrients does your body need today? What movement does your body need today? Rather than forcing a strict dietary protocol, let your intuition guide you. When I’m looking to reset, I opt for a nourishing, whole foods detox.  

iii. Detox Your Time

Keep an hourly journal of all of the tasks you do in a day. Which of these items aren’t reflective of your Authentic Code? Which of these items aren’t a Hell Yes? Once you’ve identified what is no longer serving you, it’s time to detox or delegate. Consider letting go of unnecessary commitments, hiring additional help for errands, or swapping tasks with a friend. Aim to create a schedule that reflects your values and Authenticity. 

For some, the energy of an eclipse can feel turbulent as we are faced with our shadow. Know that anything that surfaces during this time is not an obstacle, but rather a tool for growth. If you’d like to join me on my Subconscious Cleanse, you can follow the roadmap here. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive a new roadmap monthly. Through July 5, get 1 month free of The Pathway (1 year) with code FREEMONTH & 30% OFF 1 A La Carte Workshops with code SOLSTICE.


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