Roasted Barley Tea

A few nights ago I found myself gathering with a small group for Korean BBQ - something I haven't done since around the age of 25.  And though I don't think the overstimulation of the KBBQ experience is really my thing anymore, I was reminded of how much I LOVE roasted Barley tea!  Something that had completely fallen off of my radar. 

This staple in China (maicha), Japan (mugicha), and Korea (boricha), has been revered since the beginning of time for its blood cleansing and circulating properties along with its abundant antioxidants.  I look forward to making this a fall and winter staple. 


1/2 c Organic Pearl Barley

1/2 gallon of purified water

PROCESS | distribute dry barley in a cast iron or enamel evenly.  Heat stove to medium.  Use a wooden spoon to constantly mix barley until it has reached a golden brown-to darker brown roasted color.  The darker the roast, the more smokey the flavor and color of the tea will be.  Bring a pot with water to a boil.  Place roasted barley inside water and decoct (simmer) on low for 11 minutes.  Strain and enjoy.  If you prefer chilled during this heat, keep in refrigerator. 

BENEFITS | regulates and enhances blood fluidity | antioxidant rich (vitamin A & C) | high in selenium | antibacterial | blood cleansing | digestive aid as a natural antacid | sleep aid | male fertility strengthening 

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