Focus Tools, Lately



This week centers on focus. Narrowing our focus, for it provides deeper clarity. And most of us know by now that clarity is the root of manifestation. So I thought I’d share a few of my quick focus tools that I’ve been using lately.

ROSEMARY | when I walk Barley every afternoon around 4p, I’m right about to hit my mini energy slump, so I’ll make sure to stop and take a few deep inhales of the three rosemary bushes along our stroll.

TEA | During the periods that I’m seeking more clarity I make a Gotu Kola infusion by steeping the same ratio of tablespoons to cups of the jar I’m using (for 4 hours). When I’m too slammed to make this, I’ll enjoy this Tulsi Gotu Kola tea daily.

VEDIC MEDITATION | I always witness the difference between when I’ve practiced vs. when I didn’t have time. I’m pretty religious about it, for it is just the dose I need of feel good, energizing bio-chemical boost at 4pm.

ORMUS | I’ll drop a hit or two of ormus when I really need some deeper focus and creativity. 

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