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It is so inspiring to see how many of you have stepped up and advocated for yourselves before the New Year. The amount of you in UNBLOCKED Money and the amount already inquiring about the HOW TO MANIFEST VIDEO WORKSHOP (sign-ups open next week) is remarkable. I emphasize this with utter excitement when I say, I really can't wait for all that is coming and expanding in the New Year for you. 

Because Expanders are such a big part of this process and a few of my regular clients and I have been brainstorming ways to connect you guys and show you our expander experiences, I've settled on going through my timeline, in phases throughout the year, for now. So I thought I would begin from... well, the beginning. 

Something you will find in UNBLOCKED Money is:

"The quickest way to expand is through interpersonal relationships and mentorship. Therefore, what you desire financially in the job that is your passion, ask your expanders if you can intern for them. I can't stand when I hear, "but I live in a small town, and I'm not inspired by anyone." Look, I grew up in a town of under 700 people half of my life. I can count on two hands all of the expanders that contributed to my move to LA, to my entrepreneurship, to my lifestyle - just from my small town alone. There were still people in wealth. There were still entrepreneurs; there were still people that moved out of my small town and found success in big cities (and inspired me that I could do the same). And in today's age, you can intern remotely for anyone through once a week Skype meetings and carry out the tasks that they need that don't require in-person activities. If they don't need you at the moment, move onto the next. Get creative. If you want something bad enough, you'll figure out solutions. You'll find your expanders."

That's followed by a D.I. to explore if you have any on a subconscious level and who they might be. 

The above is very accurate. When I was 15, I was responsible for paying for my gas (and basically anything else), which was a bit of a problem because I didn't have any money. I couldn't wait to get a job so that I could have some independence. Buy what I wanted and go where I wanted. However, in my small cowboy town that is supported economically by tourism to Yosemite, the options were VERY slim. My first job was a gas station attendant a few days a week as well as cleaning the home of the owners. 

In my heart, I've always known that I was meant to live a bigger life than what surrounded me. NOT A DOUBT IN MY HEART. I had no idea how I'd do that, but I knew I would. And I knew it would be in LA. 

By that point, I had some family on my mom's side down here that we had visited only a handful of times in my life. By the time I had turned 17 I was living back with my mom in a Central Valley town. No joke, but watching reality TV (so embarrassing - namely The Osbournes and Jessica Simpson) were my first expanders. Though it was such a delusional depiction, I could weirdly get a sense of the lay of the land. Then a few friends from high school, a year ahead of me including a close cousin of mine, had ended up at UCLA. I visited him once and got a feel for how my peers lived and survived in LA. Not weird based on expanders, but also very weird, I ended up meeting Ozzy Osbourne on that trip. By the end of the trip, I had a decent grip on The Westside of LA. 

It was mom that suggest we send out for agents in LA as I had gotten really into acting at my local community college. We did, and I instantly heard back from two - both not far from my cousin's in Westwood. I settled on one, and starting two weeks later I would be driving down to LA (5-hour commute) once to twice a week for the next year and a half for commercial auditions where I'd stay with my cousin in Westwood and get even more familiar with LA. And anyone who is an actor knows the back streets of LA better than natives because we had to drive all over the city for auditions in high traffic. At that point I was expanding by recognizing myself in so many other people I'd come in contact with at auditions, or just around town. 

I also felt like I was getting all the perks of UCLA. Partying and making friends without actually going to school. 

After I graduated high-school, I moved back up to my small town on my family's ranch for summer, working and saving money. I had the number $2,000, which I needed to be saved to make the move. I was a secretary for a title company, and I served at a restaurant in town. While at the title company, I'd search craigslist all day looking (expanding) for jobs and apartments (just to get a feel for what was out there). My uncle offered to loan me the money so that I could make the move. I did in October to Marian Del Rey. My first job was one I had seen months before on craigslist as a hostess at a restaurant in Venice. I also worked part-time as a receptionist at a salon (two things in high school that I had heard a friend's sister did when she moved to NYC - expander) 

Before moving to LA, I said, "Universe, I just want to work in a swanky office with creatives where I can learn all about how films are made." The spot that I hosted at was directly across the street from this very swanky architectural space in Venice where super cool people worked and did VFX for commercials for the likes of Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry... and so forth. A month in, after delivering food to them, as the assistant producer was a regular at my restaurant, she asked if I'd ever considered working in production. I said, "it would be a dream." I started the job January 2nd, and a month later I booked my first national commercial. 

At the VFX house, I was surrounded by some of my most excellent expanders still today. Creatively and in the way of how to run a business. 

Now, this was all very pre-Youtube. And at that point, through my small town and beyond, quite a few expanders contributed to all of that. And I had also generated A LOT of magnetism by making the move though I was receiving pressure from my parents to go to college, and everyone was afraid to do such a thing - just to follow a dream. But the Universe LOVES when we do this. 

Now we have the luxury of finding SO many expanders everywhere due to technology. I had a client last week that had manifested a similar move to Hawaii. Another fellow Aquarius. Against so many odds. How? She watched a lot of Youtube videos about how others had done it until she expanded into knowing that she could as well. Get creative; Expanders are everywhere.

Take note, to wrap up this post, I was expanded through relationships, TV, friend's stories and experiences, and experience - essentially seeing to believe that it was possible for me as well. It was applicable to manifesting my move, jobs, and acting (and meeting Ozzy... Jk Jk, but seriously for real).  

Join us in Opulence if you'd like to learn more about manifestation and money! 

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