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So, let’s say that a great opportunity, or person has come into your life. you may or may not have been calling it in; however, you’re not quite certain that it’s a sure thing. At this point I catch a lot of my clients asking, “Don’t I have to stay in a positive mood, or be positive in order to not push it away?”

No. Nothing can push away something that is meant for you. And because you attracted that person or opportunity in, in the first place means that you are already in alignment with it due to growing your self-worth. Again, your emotions and thoughts don’t decipher this. Expanded beliefs and high self-worth are what determine what one manifests, not: thoughts, emotions, and attitude. They are also two things that you can’t fake. I.e. think positive and visualize. You have to actually expand your beliefs and grow your self-worth through work.

So, the next time that an opportunity or person you’ve been calling in presents itself, and you’re trying to control the outcome by “being positive”, know that this isn’t actually doing anything for your situation. Now, if you want to practice high self-worth, then detach from the outcome by standing in your power and understanding that you can never push away what you are meant to have. Therefore, if this isn't the true Manifestation, it is on its way. Pay attention to this next bit I’m about to share.


Why they present themselves and what they actually mean.

There are only three things that missed opportunities can be. An Expander or a Lesson/Test. And sometimes all three.

Let’s paint two universal example that everyone can resonate with.

1.     You’ve been manifesting a specific partner, and a person enters your life that seems to have all of the qualities on your list. After spending some decent time together, you realize that this could absolutely be the person for you; however, they express that they aren’t interested in a romantic relationship with you.

2.     An unforeseen career opportunity shows up that is nearly too good to be true. You didn’t even really call it in, it simply flowed into your life in a magical way. After taking two meetings you start to see that aspects of this particular position, client, or opportunity actually impedes on your personal values.

You then begin to psyche yourself out about how you can control the outcomes of these examples. ‘Maybe if I stay positive’, you think? Doesn’t matter. ‘What if I push these away?’ You can’t. You’re not that powerful.

So then why have these things come into my life? To tease me? Nope.

Example number one has shown up because you’re needing expanding. So, this person has come for just that. To expand your belief system by fleshing out a physical “seeing is believing”. To show your subconscious that exactly what you are asking for does exist and this is what it looks like. Be grateful that you received such a powerful one, for some people have to search hard for Expanders. Carry on knowing that you are close to receiving the partner you’ve called in.

Example number two is both an expander (expanding your subconscious to what it didn’t even know it was capable of). This means that The Universe is wanting to send through some powerful, bigger things than you could imagine, so it’s literally sent this to create believable room in your subconscious for something greater to land. This example is also two-fold for it’s a test at the same time - to test if you will settle for something that infringes on your personal values (demonstrating low self-worth).

And for the most part (exceptions do exist), when what you’ve called in Manifests, it will flow effortlessly. You won’t be sitting around simmering on how you need to control and ensure that it sticks. It will naturally happen leaving no doubt in your mind.

Lastly, once you arrive in vibration (aligned self-worth) with opportunities that seem to be what you’re calling in, may they be temporary Expanders, there’s nothing you can do in way of your thoughts, emotions, and attitude to demote yourself. It doesn’t work that way. That was all jargon that has been programmed into us via spiritual bypass New Age Manifestation books and movements. Sigh with relief. Your moment to moment isn’t that fragile or powerful.

If you're looking for ways to get into alignment with what you're calling in by remove limiting beliefs, growing your self-wroth, owning all aspects of yourself, then I highly suggest the UNBLOCKED workshops.

Otherwise, if you're in need of individual guidance during the exciting, personal, and delicate process of manifestation, I look forward to connecting over a session.

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