photo • Lila Seeley

photo • Lila Seeley

Flock to your vision holders. They are your mirrors for what and where you're expanding into. 

As you are all starting to learn, Expanders come in many different forms. And as many different pieces of your manifested future self. One of the most important Expanders that I haven't spoken much about in the workshops or on this blog, though I often discuss in a session, is the vision holder. These are your living guardians. Your past-life and soul connections - if you will. 

I'll explain through an example as those are usually the best forms of learning. 

Having grown up with young parents and many different caretakers, most of which didn't (and still do not) have a sturdy foundation of self-worth, I too, like all generational cycles didn't develop my own in childhood. I developed "cool" and I developed "pretty" and I developed "original" (all survival mechanisms); however, sturdy foundational self-worth was not on the docket. For had my caretakers had a generation before them with a sturdy sense of worth and they fostered it in my caretakers, I too would have naturally had that. However, they did not and in order to instill that in children one must have such (or heal and cultivate there's).


sunbconscious childhood worth is the "frequency" of manifestation.

I did have a slew of vision holders along the way, though. From teachers to friends, to friend's parents, to partners to bosses. The most powerful having been my ex's mother. She saw a light in me that I didn't even know existed. And she never wavered on that vision. It wasn't forced or contrived, or condescending, or wanting me to be something that I am not, it was simply the way that her heart filtered mine, and my potential. I can still remember many pivotal times where I admired something and she said, "you have that," or, "that's you." She encouraged everything I did, every vision I had, and noticed gifts that I didn't even realize I possessed. And she nurtured them, gifted things that would further them, and continued to see the vision of where my soul was naturally gravitating. Pure love. Pure vision. From my confidence to creativity to body, to entrepreneurship, to being in my heart. 

Recent vision holders have been clients that see where this message is heading far before I do. They plant those expanding seeds and continue to reinforce that vision. These are some of the most profound mirrors (expanders), sometimes more profound than the seeing-is-believing. 

My ex-held the vision of me quitting my full-time job in order to go freelance and follow my pings. 

My fiance held the vision of where I could financially soar to being in my body and feeling beautiful in it. 

Countless friends hold the vision of deeper vulnerability and trust. The list goes on. 


These are your vision holders - especially when you're going through uncomfortable and contracting bits of growth - and I highly suggest flocking to them, gathering them, and cherishing their vision. 


The lower your worth, the less you'll believe the vision they have for you. The more you shift your worth, the more you'll grow into this vision. UNBLOCKED Inner ChildShadow and NO are wonderful for this. 



Head to the FB Secret Society for some journal prompts to help you deeper recognize and integrate your vision holders.



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