Clearing Superstitions and Becoming an Individual Manifestor


One thing I like to sit and do is look at my own personal timelines and patterns. I ask a version of this of those of you in the How to Manifest Workshop as well as Partnership. Today is a little different! 

I myself reflected on this, this past weekend (full moon in Libra). I want you to take inventory of those phases in your life of when you wanted something so desperately bad, forced, and controlled. Only to have it come through years later in a version for you, which turned out to be so much more aligned and perfect than what you were previously forcing.

For instance, this past weekend, I was taking inventory of the times that I so desperately desired, forced, and controlled the elements of my life I felt that "I couldn't live without." A few came to mind: partnership when I was in the depths of despair, loneliness, and I desired more than anything - when nothing was coming through. Acting, when my whole existence and worth hinged on it entirely. Money, when I was so broke that I had to live on a credit card and only spent $30 a week on groceries. 


Witnessing your own patterning is what will help you become an individual and quick manifestor, for we are all so unique, authentic, and the life-programming that we picked up differs immensely. This means, that we have to become our own investigators. And yes, How to Manifest process can work for everyone, as all of the UNBLOCKING tools - but at the end of the day, you really need to get to know your authentic essence, your authentic truth, and your authentic patterns for it to work to take you much higher than you thought possible. 

And most importantly, it's time to CLEAR any superstitions you've picked up around manifestation that have brought you none or inconsistent results. Your past patterning is the most valuable thing to pinpoint. Because once you understand it, now you understand what wasn't working for you and what needs to shift, delayer and unblock! 



Here are some great examples

During a stint when I was incredibly lonely and single, only attracting in the worst guys, and going through the ringers of it all, I desired a relationship so deeply. It consumed me. Dating and "finding" my person. I controlled, I forced and obsessed. One guy came along in particular that I thought was for sure the one. I projected the whole fantasy. He represented all of the things that I superficially "needed". He was both an expander and a test. It didn't pan out to anything. I obsessed over him more and more. But he was enough to to be a shiny carrot for me to look at why it didn't work and what in me wasn't working. My low self-worth. My desperation. My lack of knowing my truth, essence, and identity. So I broke up with "finding" my person and instead did the work to find myself. Put myself first, become whole, raise my self-worth, and all of the other things I teach you in UNBLOCKED Love. And low and behold. I manifested his doppelganger that was so much more elevated and suited for me. And after another round of all of that work, I manifested my current partner that... 

Acting, I came out at 17 to pursue. For all of the wrong reasons. I worked harder at it than anything in my life. I obsessed over it, put it before everything, and gave it everything. What was missing? I had no connection or idea of my truth, if my intentions behind it aligned with my true essence, I had zero worth around it. Nothing about me was in my power. I broke up with acting and controlling it, learned a lot of lessons through another job, which broke my spirit. Enough to look at who I am, to meet my truth, my essence, what my soul desires, and most importantly did the work to build my worth. Surrounded myself with expanders. And guess what, I manifested what I do now, which entails all of the elements that I actually desired out of acting - on my own platform, in my own time, with only what I enjoy. 

Let's take my most recent obsession and controlling a manifestation. This past year of trying for a baby. Controlling it, obsessing over it, and you guys know the journey by now. The same energetics that I applied to acting, to a partnership, to money. And I finally had to break up with trying and forcing and obsessing. And move into the work. To become only a vessel, to be fully committed to my partner, to simply be a nurturer of this spirit being's authentic highest good rather than a parent that is projecting and needing it to be x, y, and z so that I can feel fulfilled. Learning that I'm not having "my" baby. I'm a vessel for this teacher that's coming through and my ONLY job is to nurture its utter authenticity, believe in its dreams, love selflessly and endlessly (something I need to do for myself first in order to have the capacity to do it for this baby), and allow its highest good no matter how against the grain it is, or how conflicting it is with my ego.

Are you seeing my personal patterning yet? I unconsciously feel that I "need" something. I obsess over it. Control it. I'm not in my power, worth, truth or essence about it. I have to let it go and do the real work to find my truth, my worth, my essence, evolve, UNBLOCK, and then it comes in a much more magical, evolved version than I could have imagined. My pattern isn't your exact pattern. We are all unique. It may be a bit like yours but it's important to find yours. That's what I'm doing in session with my clients.


personal patterning

STEP 1 • I only share this so that you can sit and look at your AUTHENTIC patterning now. Take the top biggest things you've manifested. Look at your timeline and process around each. Notice the patterns. And now take your current manifestations and look what needs shifting and how. Then you have THE TOOLS to provide you with some tools to do that. 

STEP 2 • Now, look at the superstitions you've bought into along the way that didn't' do anything (consistently) to help you manifest those prior things. CLEAR THEM OUT OF YOUR TOOL BELT!

Here's to clearing! 


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