Owning and Accepting Shadow

Owning and Accepting Shadow work

Every few Mondays we’ll be highlighting some of our hardest-hitting community asked questions from SUPPORTED, our bi-weekly manifestation class within the Pathway Subscription. Members can submit any questions that may arise throughout their manifestation process and Lacy will answer them in an hour long class.

Our first question is from Volume IV

“When we own and accept triggering aspect of ourselves, does that mean if we want to change it (say the word is victim), if we own it, theoretically we’re accepting ourselves as a victim. But if we don’t want to have the victim mentality anymore, does wanting to change the shadow aspect go against the purpose of doing the shadow work? Is it about surrendering to being a victim?”

Before we change anything, we have to first accept it. Accepting and owning our shadow is an integral part of reprogramming. When we approach shadow with a desire to change it without first fully accepting it as a part of our authentic being, we are acting out of resistance. How can we integrate something into our being when we don’t identify with it first?

If you are working through UNBLOCKED Shadow, take a look at your shadow words - those that are most triggering to you. The workshop alongside the Integrated Element of Magnetism Roadmap (found within the Pathway) will lead you through the steps to integration, but my tip to you is:

You will know when you have owned your Shadow once the shadow word no longer has any energetic power over you.


It doesn’t bother you if someone calls you your shadow word. It doesn’t bother you if you judge yourself about it. Once you have fully owned the shadow word, you can start reprogramming.

Let’s look at the word “Victim,” as asked by our Pathway Subscription Member in SUPPORTED. We have to actually own the word victim. We have to stop being disgusted by the fact that we could be a victim. This doesn’t mean that you take ownership or blame for things that people did to you or around you that made you feel like a victim. This means embracing the victim version of yourself and showing it love and understanding. Accept that some part of you does feel like a victim and allow yourself to embrace that as a part of what your being has needed in the past to cope with the external reality.

Until you accept something, there will always be resistance. Resistance will always battle against you as you try to reprogram because your subconscious mind will not identify this shadow word as a valid part of your being.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to truly making a change in your perception of self and the way in which you approach your life. We have to actually do the long division, open up the wound, see it, accept it, understand it, so that we can finally start to understand why we have these triggers. This is the first step in starting to create a safe space and face our fears.

That’s why in a lot of my work, I teach people to open up the wound, look inside it. That’s the only way you can heal a wound. If you were shot, you have to open it up, you have to pull out the bullets, and then you need to address it. Then you can go into sewing it and healing it.

The first step to reprogramming is to first own your shadow and accept it as a part of your authentic self and experience. Then you can work on reprogramming triggers and Upleveling to your highest, most magnetic self.

in summary

i. Before we change anything, we have to first accept it: Own your shadow words.

ii. Take these shadow words through Unblocked SHADOW and the Integrated Roadmap inside the Pathway to integrate and reprogram.

iii. Use the Daily Reprogramming Exercise (DRE) to unblock daily shadow triggers.

iv. Treat yourself to self-care throughout this journey. Facing, owning and integrating our shadow can be a difficult task. Give yourself some extra love and care.

v. Share your process with us either via direct message on IG or using #MyMagneticStory to be an expander for others in the community as they integrate their shadow words.


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